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Priority Support

We know that your time is better spent on things other than booking travel. That’s why we always offer business travelers priority support, regardless if you contact us by phone or e-mail.

Travel More – Pay Less

Bring the whole department (or the company) to the conference. When you book travel with more than 10 travelers, we can usually offer excellent group discounts.

Travel Now, Pay Later

Don’t waste time on card payments and receipt management. Just book the tickets you need, and we’ll invoice you afterwards.

Open Your Business Account Today

Simplify your travel management today by submitting your application. It’ll just take a minute, and we’ll review it within a couple of business days. Once your account is created, you can instantly start booking train tickets easily and affordably.

Productive on the Go

Trains are not only better for the climate and more comfortable than airplanes, it’s also much easier to be productive. Forget missed calls and e-mails due to flight mode. With a generous workspace and WiFi access, you’re always available when you want to be. Or why not just enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the bistro while discussing your latest project with your co-workers?

No Boarding – No Problem

Traveling efficiently is important, particularly in business. In fact, going by train is often more efficient than flying, because there’s no time wasted on check in, dropping and collecting luggage, or passing through security. And on top of that, your destination is typically much closer from the train station than from the airport.

Europe with a Discount

We can usually offer excellent discounts when you book travel for 10 or more people at a time. Our group discounts range up to 50% as compared to the price of individual tickets. Discounted tickets are as easy to book as regular tickets – the only difference is the lower price. We offer group discount on most routes both in Sweden and across Europe.

Our Skill at Your Convenience

Booking complex travels which involves multiple producers and countries requires both training and experience. Our travel specialists have both, and as a business customer, our specialists are always at your disposal. Benefit from our skills when planning your next travel, at no extra cost.

Where will you go next?

Find your new favourite place.


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