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Population Ca 1,3 million
Capital Tallinn
Currency EUR
Language Estonian


Do you appreciate a good restaurant, impressive architecture and stunning scenery? Then Estonia is definitely the country for you. Apart from being in the forefront in terms of technology, the admirable capital Tallinn is also listed as being the most well-preserved medieval city in Europe. This means that you not only can discover the interesting history that Estonia offers, but also experience the very modernized country who constantly keeps surprising. If you want to relax Estonia has several nature reserves where you can hike for hours among the pine trees whilst looking for rare animals. You could also take a trip to the coast where you can calm down with a book in your hand on one of the many beaches that stretches as far as the eye can see. So what are you waiting for?  Estonia will not make you disappointed. Pack your bags and book your tickets because this is something that you surely don’t want to miss.

Travel back in time when walking inside the town wall of Tallinn

What makes Estonia special is its well-preserved architecture and its beautiful nature. In the old town of Vanalinn, located in Tallinn you can find many middle-aged buildings and creations that will fascinate most people. The mighty buildings are lined up on narrow cobble streets and in the city centre you will find charming cafes and shops hidden in the small alleyways. One of the most famous buildings is the Town Hall Pharmacy, which is the world’s oldest pharmacy and has been in use since the 1300s. Today, one part of the building is still open as a pharmacy, while another part has been made into an exhibition where you can admire medicines from the 17th century. Another well-known building in Vanalinn is the Town Hall, which is one of the best-preserved Gothic-style town halls. If you’re not in a hurry you should take the 115 steps up to the tower. From here you will get a fantastic view of the old town and the city wall that surrounds the district.

Just outside the city of Tartu you will find the Estonian National Museum which has, from 2016, been located on an old military base. The building itself is remarkable and has caught the attention of many people around the world. Inside the museum there is an exhibition that will take you through the life of the Estonian people from the Ice Age until today. The museum is surely worth a visit and will entertain both the young and the old.

Discover the limestone cliffs and the lush nature on the Estonian Islands

Just outside the Estonian coastline you will find many fascinating islands, one more charming than the other. The most visited is Ösel, which is one of the largest islands in the Baltic Sea and is located only ten kilometres east of the Swedish island Gotland. During the soviet regime the island was completely isolated, which means that much of the nature there today is completely unspoilt. Thanks to the mild climate here the landscape is green and lush and during summertime, tourists swarm the island and the main street Lossi will be filled with restaurants with outdoor seating and nice hotels.

The island of Dagö or Hiiumaa (as it is called in Estonian) is another island located just off the shore of the west coast. To get here you have to take a ferry from the mainland or from the island of Ösel. What makes this island so special is the three lighthouses that are located here on the island, each one with their own charm. Most people come here to enjoy the amazing landscape and the calm atmosphere, it is the perfect place to escape the hectic life of the mainland.



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