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Population Ca 8,8 million
Capital Vienna
Currency EUR
Language German


Austria has a lot to offer in terms of music, culture, skiing and nature. Some ski resorts also have spa facilities and offer entertainment such as theatre. If skiing is not what comes to mind when you hear Austria, perhaps music is your first association. Music has characterized the entire country’s identity for several centuries, and it is still a very important part of the culture in Austria today.


There are plenty of ski resorts in Austria and many of them offer top notch skiing. Bad Gastein is a very popular ski resort near Salzburg, and you can easily get there by train. The fact that there is a train station near the ski resort makes it easy for you to be more flexible to go on small excursions. After skiing or snowboarding throughout the day and being completely sore in the body, you can book a treatment at the spa or relax in the thermal bath. There is even a research institute in the ski resort that researches spa treatments! Another ski resort worth visiting is Mayrhofen. Here you will find the steepest hill in Austria, Harakiri with a slope of 38 degrees.

If you prefer to wander around and discover Austria’s nature, there are of course many fantastic places where you can do this. From the Alps you can choose between shorter and longer hiking trails and the scenery is magnificent! Hohe Tauern is Austria’s largest national park and is quite enchanting. Hike among lakes and cliffs, forests and plains and listen to the whisper of the wind and the chirping of the birds and enjoy the absence of all other sounds.


Many world-renowned composers came from Austria, including Mozart, Haydn, Liszt and Mahler. Especially in Vienna you get the opportunity to experience classical music and modern classical music. But Austria has much more to offer than classical music, their music scenes make room for all genres and the range of concerts and live evenings in smaller pubs is large. During the summer, a big festival in Vienna, the Music Film Festival, which attracts about 900,000 visitors each year. There is free admission to the festival, and it is packed with entertainment.

If you are looking for shopping, there is a lot to choose from in Austria’s capital. You can go to the flea market on the Naschmarkt every Saturday from early morning to early evening. In the Carmelite market there is also a nice market and the area is widely known for its art scene which is especially for younger talents. For a little luxury shopping, look for Kohlmarkt & Golden Quartier. You will have no difficulties in practicing our Swedish coffee culture in Vienna. There are plenty of cafes here and one tip is to visit the country’s oldest cafe – Café Bazar. This is a gathering point for artists, writers, poets and philosophers. Sour coffee and munch on Mozart cake as if there was no tomorrow!



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