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Population Ca 800
Country Austria
Currency EUR
Language Geman


A truly magical, ancient, fabulous and enchanting little village! When you need a break from big cities, wild nights and crazy shopping – then Hallstatt is the place your soul needs. Mountains with snow-capped mountain peaks, lakes, detached houses of different colors, the small square and the view are difficult to get enough of.

Tiny magical village

When we say tiny, there is really no exaggeration, the number of residents in the village is just under 1000 people. It is one of the oldest villages in Europe, there have been found remains here from 7000 years back in time! Although the village is so small, there is a lot to do. It is an extremely cozy and romantic little village, the location on the alpine lake Hallstätter See with the powerful mountains that surround the village is a delight to behold. At Marktplatz you can buy handmade jewelry and salt, take a cup of coffee and look at the people and all the nice little buildings. Have a look at the World Heritage Museum, where there is a fantastic collection of cultural-historical objects and remains.

There are many hiking trails around Hallstatt, you will discover places that almost take the air out of you – and at the same time you are filled with so much energy. There are also many hiking trails that you can hike in the winter, and then when you return to the village you can indulge in a swim at the spa with a warm thermal pool…

Salt mines

The most popular and most visited attraction in Hallstatt is the salt mines. Some well-preserved bodies have been found here, belonging to old miners. The mine is still active today and in the village you can buy the good salt home with you. The salt mine itself is located 1000 meters above the village and to get there you can either hike for 45 minutes or ride a very steep cliff. Once inside the mine, you get to go between the mines just as they did in the past – slides in wood! It goes fast, it’s basically like going roundabouts in a small cave. So the visit there is not only history and salt cave, it is also excitement and adventure. When you’re done with the mine, and still up there, you can visit the Skywalk. It’s like a kind of bridge that takes you out, into the air, and the view from there is amazing!



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