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Population Ca 150 000
Country Austria
Currency EUR
Language German

Salzburg, among high mountains and deep valleys

Salzburg, the beautiful Sound of Music city, surrounded by alps and lush valleys. Many recognize the city as Mozart’s birthplace, but there are also thriving gardens, beautiful churches and exciting culture. Salzburg has long been popular for its culinary delights, here you can drink locally produced beer, eat a pretzel or try the classic Sachert cake.

Mozart´s City

Pilgrims come from all over the world to be able to walk in Mozart’s footsteps and discover the city that shaped him over the years. A must is a visit to Mozart’s birth house (Hagenauer Haus) on Getreidegasse 9. The footprints then move on to Makartplatz where his family moved a little later in his life. Today both houses are world famous museums where you can go guided tours and get a sense of Mozart’s upbringing while having his music soothing in the ears.

Once you are here you can also try the Mozart bullets that are sold everywhere here in the city. Either you can try the blue ones that are handmade or the red ones that are factory made, or you can test both of them just because they are so incredibly good! The original bullets can be found at Paul Fürst at Alter Markt.

The Fortress and The Colorful Flowers

What characterizes the city most is the 900-year-old Hohensalzburg fortress, which stands high up on a hill. The fortress is one of the largest and most well-preserved in all of Europe and it is today open to the public as a museum. To get to the fortress, you can either walk the somewhat steep walk that takes about 15 minutes, or take the train path that runs from the city upwards. Once up in the fortress you get a fantastic view over the whole of Salzburg.

In the slightly older part of town lies Marabellplatz with its spectacular garden. The location is perfect for a picnic or just to enjoy the harmonious atmosphere of floral arrangements and fountains. In the building today the mayor of the city lives and if you like classical music you can take the opportunity to go to a concert in the large marble hall.



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