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Population Ca 1,8 million
Country Austria
Currency EUR
Language German


Vienna is a city full of attractions and culinary experiences. It is the city for those who love opera and ballet, horse shows, cult-declared wines and musty chocolate cakes. To everyone’s great delight, cafes are no shortage in Vienna.

Horse show, opera & interesting watches

It is important to be out in time if you want to see the show of the incredibly beautiful lipizzan horses, because the tickets are running fast and it is usually fully booked several months in advance. Should you in the worst case not get hold of any tickets, you can still catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures as the public is welcome to watch as the horses are trained. The Spanish riding school has been around since 1565 and it is because of the horses’ origin that the riding school got its name. Vienna is just the right city if you want to see ballet shows and concerts with opera and classical music. The list of Austrian composers is long and some of them are Wagner, Liszt, Haydn, Schubert and Mozart, the latter having two delicious desserts named after them both in ball and cake format! Many of the well-known composers are immortalized as statues around the city.

The Uhrenmuseum is a very interesting museum that shows clockwork, from the very first manufactured to modern clocks. One of the watches is particularly interesting, David a Sancto Cajetanos, which is an astronomical watch that, in addition to time, also shows lunar and solar eclipses. The astronomical clock is expected to tick for at least 8000 years and up to 9999.

Shopping, wine and sachet cake

After shows, performances, and old watches, is it perhaps time to replenish the sugar supply? Find a café that looks cozy and order a sachet cake and just enjoy life. The Sacher cake is made on a cake base with chocolate flavor, a layer of tasty apricot cream or jam and a coating of chocolate glaze. But if you want to be reasonably sure that you really get a real Sacher cake, according to the original recipe, you have to go to Café Sacher which belongs to Hotel Sacher who claims to bake the cake according to the original and they make sure that no one else gets hold of the recipe.

If you are looking for a little shopping you will find luxury shops and large chain stores on Mariahilfer Strasse but if you would rather find odd things in secondhand stores, Freuhausviertel is probably the place for you. Visit the food market Naschmarkt and taste local delicacies such as cheese, fresh fruit and sausage, lots of sausage and there is even vegan sausage! Vienna is surrounded by vineyards of 6800km2 and many of the restaurants serve many of the local wine varieties. Initially many of the wines had no special status, but the passionate wine growers today produce wines that have achieved cult status. Some vineyards also have farm servings, so be sure to take a break from the city bustle and take a break with a glass of wine among the vines.



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