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Bosnia and Herzegovina


Population Ca 3,5 million
Capital Sarajevo
Currency BAM
Language Croatian

Bosnia & Herzegovina – wild horses, cave nightclubs and a time machine in Sarajevo

Bosnia & Herzegovina has a lot for you to explore. In Lino you can watch wild horses galloping on the meadows, you can cool off in a waterfall and walk in the amazing natural areas. In the capital you will not be able to avoid the traditional folk music and here you can take the opportunity to buy fantastic crafts at low prices.


The Mostar region in the southern part of the country is beautiful are with mountainous landscapes, lakes and waterfalls. The city with the same name is in a valley and has a rich cultural history. You can easily get there by train from the capital Sarajevo. Here you will find both old mosques from the Ottoman Empire and old churches that have intresting stories to tell. Stari Most, the famous bridge that takes you across the river is incredibly beautiful and is definitely worth a visit. If you go to the Mehmet Pasha Koski Mosque you get a good view of the bridge, but even a more stunning view will you get from the beach by the river. If you enjoy dancing all night long, then you really don’t want to miss Pecina in the city of Mostar. It is an old cave that is turned into a nightclub and the summer nights there are long and filled with energy and good music. In the Mostar region you can visit a fantastic waterfall, Kravice, where you can cool off in the water and have a cup of coffee at the cafe.

Take the opportunity to take a trip to Livno which you reach quite easily from Mostar, here are many archaeological finds that are more than thousand years old. In the small town you can see the river Bistrica and the little bridge that stretches over it, it is a wonderful place to just relax. In Livno there are many wild horses, which you do not get the chance to see in many other places. When agriculture switched to more modern aids, hundreds of horses were released into the open. The area has nice hiking trails, lakes and rocky landscapes that are perfect for a picnic.


Sarajevo is a pretty small city for a capital city but there is still a lot to see and experience. When you go to the old part of the city, Bascarsija, it is like stepping into another age. In one second, you go far back in time, to about the 16th century, when the Ottoman Empire founded the city. Wander the same cobblestone streets as the people did then and in one alley you will find handicraft booths that make objects in various metals, such as tin and silver, and in another alley you will find craftsmen who make leather shoes or sell artworks. Everything is created by skilled craftsmen whose knowledge goes back generations, so here you get the chance to buy something unique at very low prices.

If you are looking for the party the street you will find it at the street Strosmajerova, here you will find nightclubs with typical party music, jazz clubs, bars with traditional Balkan folk music and dance clubs that play the so called “Balkan turbo” which is very popular among the younger crowd. If you visit Sarajevo at the end of Ramadan, you can be a part of the celebration of Bajram.

For those of you who are adrenaline junkies you can try different extreme sports and activities around the whole city such as rafting, paragliding, climbing and cycling.



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