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Population Ca 65 000
Country Croatia
Currency HRK
Language Croatian

Pula, The Pearl of Istria

Along the coast of southern Istria in Croatia you will find this cozy harbor town which has an interesting history while the beaches are always available. Here you can experience a certain metropolitan feel with good shopping and visit many well-preserved historical attractions such as the amphitheater and Roman temples.

A full day in Pula

When talking about Croatia and Istria, many thoughts are probably linked directly to the beaches. What many do not know, however, is that Pula has so much more to offer. Something that you absolutely do not want to miss is primarily the large amphitheater Arena, which is one of the world’s most well-preserved. Here you get a historical look back to about 100 years AD. when the arena was used for gladiator games and later knight tournaments. Today it is used as a concert scene and here is also held the film festival which has filled the arena every year since 1953.

During a stroll through the city, you will probably end up around the city’s main square, Forum, which is a large meeting place full of outdoor seating serving Italian and Croatian food and drink. Here you must not miss the magnificent August temple that has stood on the northern end of the square for more than two thousand years.

Since Pula is so close to Italy and previously belonged to Italy before, there are many Italian influences, such as buildings and especially food with pizza, pasta and a lot of seafood. So here in Pula you get some of the best that both Croatia and Italy have to offer.

Exciting day trips

Croatia, the country known for its crystal-clear waters, and the lively city of Pula is not an exception. Five kilometers just south of Pula you will find the Verudela peninsula, here lies the large pebble beach Ambrela which offers the best sun and bathing opportunities near Pula. Along the beach there is a long promenade and several cafes and bars where you can sit down and look out over the turquoise sea.

With a small boat trip out to the archipelago you can get to the Brijuni Islands which consist of the two larger islands Veli and Malin Brijun and twelve smaller islands. The island has impressive architecture, a golf course (the only one in northern Croatia) and a safari park that has been retained since the dictator Tito had a residence here. Since 1983, the islands have been a national park and are a perfect excursion destination when you want to discover amazing scenery and beautiful beaches.



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