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Population Ca 800 000
Country Croatia
Currency HRK
Language Croatian


Croatia’s capital is an eventful city with a lot of history, cozy alleys and museums with unexpected themes. Join music festivals, dance and film festivals and head out to Medvednica Sljeme and stroll on hiking trails among ruins and forest areas.

Emotional museum and flashback to the 80’s

There are some very interesting and, not least, different museums in Zagreb. You probably haven’t visited many museums dedicated to broken hearts? The Museum of Broken Relationships – and Emotions in Zagreb is just that, a museum of heartache. The museum presents personal objects and stories about the love and sorrow of different people. Really an emotional museum… Another slightly different museum is Zagreb 80’s Museum. The museum is shaped like a typical apartment in 80’s Yugoslavia and it is allowed to feel and touch the objects. Zagreb City Museum is a must if you are interested in history, here collections from prehistoric times to modern times are presented. Go to the Mirogoj cemetery, which is not only a cemetery but also an open art gallery. Here are sculptures from, among others, Ivan Meštrović and Edo Murtić. In the cemetery you will find graves belonging to Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, Jews and non-religious!

There are many green areas in and outside Zagreb. Medvednica Sljeme is a large park located adjacent to the city. Hiking or cycling among forest areas, winding streams, caves and lakes. There are over 20 archaeological remains and ancient churches, chapels and castles. In central Zagreb you can take a break in Maksimir Park, a lush oasis that is perfect for a picnic and some reading on the lawn.

Festivals and shopping

Stroll around the older parts of the city and go on the romantic Strossmayer walk that takes you to a great viewpoint. If you want to buy some local produce or taste some local delicacy, you should go to Dolac Market which is open every day from early morning until afternoon. Here you can buy fresh fruit, fish, flowers and pastries among other things. On the street Tkalcićeva you will find many small shops, cafes, restaurants and bars – a very lively and cozy street that is popular for both locals and tourists.

There are many festive festivals to visit while on holiday in Zagreb! It’s just a matter of choosing one or two to go on. Some of the festivals that are held annually are Dance Week Festival, which has more than 20 years on its neck. Enjoy dance performances and dance theater! Zagreb Film Festival showcases Croatian and international short films and documentaries and INmusic Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the country where famous artists play, here you hear everything from pop and punk to rock and electronic music.



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