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Population Ca 1,3 million
Country Czech Republic
Currency CZK
Language Czech


Beer and jazz in big amounts! The Czech Republic has a well-established beer culture and in the big city you will find a large selection of jazz clubs. Prague is filled with historical sites and old architecture, something you will notice especially in the Malá Strana district. Don’t forget to check out the famous Astronomical Clock!

Czech beer, full-fledged architecture

The Czech Republic is a true beer drinking culture, in fact they drink the most beer per capita and it consumes about 143 liters of beer per inhabitant every year. This also means that there are really nice pubs to hang out and enjoy a glass of Czech beer. In the country there are plenty of large and well-known breweries, but you will also find many small so-called microbreweries. Jazz clubs are very popular in the Czech Republic and especially in Prague, perhaps it has little to do with being banned during the Nazi occupation because it was “black music” and during the Soviet era, jazz music was also not allowed. So, when the Czech Republic finally got rid of both, there was a huge thirst and the desire to play and listen to jazz!

Feel free to take a boat trip on the river Vltava, if you want luxury you can book a dinner cruise with live music. Choose between a three course or a dinner buffet. On one side of the river is the Old Town, where you can shop antiques, Czech design and crystal glass, which is very special for the Czech Republic. The small side, which is the second part of the city, has not changed much since the 18th century, it is like going back in time! Around the city you will find architecture of Gothic style, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau and modern – almost all styles are presented in the city. If you are looking for a little more shopping you will find clothes at really good prices at Fashion Arena Prague Outlet, if you would rather look among the larger stores, you should go to Palladium shopping center. If you are more interested in markets then Holesovicka Trznice is the largest flea market in the city and there you will find everything between heaven and earth, and some more.

A city rich in history

In addition to enjoying the fantastic mix of architecture found throughout the city, there are some attractions worth spending a little more time on. Astronomical Clock is an obvious place to visit when you are in Prague, it is not just a clockwork, it is a work of art and it shows local time, the position of the sun and the moon’s movements. The Alchemy Museum is very interesting and consists of an old alchemy laboratory that was discovered as late as 2002. Alchemists worked in the lab during the 1600s and then there was also a pharmacy where the alchemists sold their elixirs. Charles Bridge is one of the most popular sights in the city and was the first permanent bridge that brought the two districts together. It is 250 meters long and was built in 1357.

If you want to take a break from city life, head to the botanical garden where you can admire tropical plants in the greenhouse, peek in the Japanese garden and perhaps have a picnic in the park area. You can also take a day trip to Divoka Sarka, located a little outside Prague. Wander around in green forests, mountainous areas, among lakes and winding streams. There you will also find pools where you can cool off.



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