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Czech Republic


Population Ca 10,6 million
Capital Prague
Currency CZK
Language Czech

Czech Republic with its beautiful capital and bohemian national parks

The Czech Republic is a real gem that we confidently claim to have one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, Prague. Here you can sit down at one of their many pubs and drink Czech beer and eat fried cheese while you watch the people strolling around. Outside of Prague you can go wine tasting, steamboat along dead volcanoes and take a trip to Bohemian Switzerland National Park where you can wander around the stunningly beautiful scenery.


Prague is an incredibly beautiful city and there are many interesting places to pick up. The Czechs are the ones who drink the most beer in the world, so you have definitely found a small gold mine if you are particularly fond of beer. Visit the beer gardens of Riegrový sady and Letná, order a beer and some food, and just enjoy the garden and the relaxing atmosphere. Another oasis worth visiting is Havlickový, a magnificent lush park with fountains, small lakes, pavilions and statues inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The park is surrounded by vineyards and you get a unique view of the city. The Charles Bridge is one of the most famous places in Prague and it ties the two parts of the city together, the Old City and the Little Side. On the Little side, time has basically stood still since the 18th century, no new buildings have been added since then. Here you will find small, cute houses, cobbled streets, Baroque palaces and the Wallstein Palace with its garden. In the Old Town, the 15th-century Astronomical Clock is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Get there when the clock is approaching full hour, that’s when the show starts. The clock shows three different times, the sun and the moon’s movements and what season it is, and it is very beautiful.

Good wine and dead volcanoes

Feel free to take a little excursion to Litoměřice, a small village that you can easily get to by train from Prague. The tranquil little village has a beautiful and quite mixed Gothic-style architecture, Baroque and even a lot from the Renaissance. The town dates back to around the 9th century and today has a population of around 25,000. For a little extra romance, take a trip on the steamboat on the River Elbe which shows you the area of dead volcanoes and other fine areas.

If you want more of the Czech nature you should go to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, where you can wander around among sandstone mountains and in pine forests. Between two sandstone mountains you will find an old hotel which today is a restaurant and photo gallery, take the opportunity to have a coffee or a piece of food and take a look at the photographs and do not forget to look upstairs. You can take a train to the National Park from both Litoměřice and Prague, but it is both shorter and smoother from Litoměřice.



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