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Population Ca 600 000
Country Denmark
Currency DKK
Language Danish


Copenhagen is an old city with beautiful architecture, cute and colorful houses along Nyhamn and in contrast to all history there is the ultra-modern architecture. Jump on your bike and pedal your way through Denmark’s big city that has so much to offer!

Ride a bike the entire vacation

In Copenhagen it is popular to get on a bike! You arrive quickly, it is cheap and very good for the environment. You can actually cycle around for free, with the same principle as shopping carts, in other words you get your money back when you return the bike. There are also other variants if you want to pay a little more, for example electric bicycles.

So once you’ve gotten a bicycle of any color, you can head to the National Museum and check out the best ancient collection in the whole of the Nordic region, where you can also see the Egtved girl found buried in a chest of clothes, bracelets and some of her blonde hair. The find has been dated to 3500 years ago. Throw yourself on the bike again and head to the Glyptotek, which has one of Europe’s largest collections of antique art, here you can also see a lot of French impressionism and a lot of sculptures. Christiania you have probably heard of before, it is an artistic free zone, a small town in the city if you say so. Here the houses are decorated with colorful art, you can go to the market, various types of events are organized, and you will find many interesting clubs and restaurants. When you are tired of cycling, you can rest your legs on an hour boat ride that takes you to the canal.

Shopping, night clubs and hanging at parks

On Ströget you will find many designer shops where you can shop, among others, Georg Jensen and Royal Copenhagen. When the stomach growls, you should definitely go to Torvehallerne where there are 60 stalls filled with good food – cheeses and olives, wine bars, sushi, street food and food festivals are also organized here. At Bredgade you will find antiques and vintage shops and at the flea market Rimisen and “the blue hall” you can make real bargains. When the sun is on its way down and it starts to twitch in the dance nerve you have many options ahead of you. Electronic music, jazz and blues, luxury cocktail bars or cozy pubs? Yes, you will find most of it here and many of the nightclubs are open until 5 in the morning so you will return to the hotel in just enough time to catch a shower before breakfast.

The day after a full night in town, the park hangings may feel very attractive, here you can recover with a good picnic and a liter of water. At “Frederiksbergs Have” you can take it easy among fountains and ponds, green lawns and trees that provide shade. In the park there is also a beautiful castle. Are you looking for something that feels even more uplifting, you can go to the Assistens Grave Yard and spend the afternoon with Sören Kierkegaard, Niels Bohr and H.C Andersen.



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