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Population Ca 8 000
Country Denmark
Currency DKK
Language Danish

Skagen with Northern Europe’s Biggest Dessert

With its mile-long beaches, Skagen spreads out on top of Denmark. During the summer, the city is a popular destination for sun and bathers, but also for sailors who put anchors to experience the fun that Skagen has to offer.

The Natural Wonder Outside the City

For a small day trip, you can take the small tourist train Sandormen which takes you all the way to Denmark’s northernmost tip called the Grenen. This is one of Jutland’s most visited destinations as this is where the seas of Skagerrak and Kattegatt meet. Here is an impressive natural phenomenon when the waves from the two seas ripple against each other on the small beach strip. Unfortunately, swimming here is prohibited as there may be dangerous ocean currents where the two seas meet but be sure to take off your shoes and wade out into the water to be able to stand with one foot in each ocean.
If you want to experience some of the Sahara in Denmark you can head to Råbjerg Mile, Northern Europe’s largest desert. As far as you can see, the sand covers the ground and the dunes can be up to 40 meters high. So, climb to the top and enjoy the amazing scenery.
Another popular destination is “The Sand-Covered Church”. The building, located just outside Skagen, is visited annually by many curious tourists who want to get a glimpse of the buried church, but whoever wanted to visit it had to dig in.

No Swedish Toast Skagen in Skagen

When you hear Skagen, the thoughts are brought directly to a Toast Skagen, unfortunately the city has nothing to do with the good sandwich, the name comes from a Swedish chef in the late 50’s. However, there are many other good dishes that you can take the opportunity to try when strolling down the marina. Here are many cozy outdoor restaurants and the atmosphere is always good. The menus always have freshly caught fish or seafood, so settle down and enjoy good food and the nice sea breeze that blows in your hair.




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