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Population Ca 66,9 million
Capital Paris
Currency EUR
Language French

France – A country filed with culinary experiences and romance

Travel around France and see the French Riveria, the volcanic mountains, exciting history and culture, and of course the French cuisine! You can easily travel around the country with fast and comfortable trains that will allow you to see France from its best side. You will have a lot that awaits you here in France, what do you say about rafting in the rivers of the Pyrenees, visit the charming, picturesque villages on the countryside or take a stroll in grand Paris with the famous Eiffel tower?

Fashion, snails and romance

Surely that is what come to your mind when you are thinking about Paris. Whether you are craving snails or not, Paris has a fantastic selection of culinary experiences, with everything from tasty street food to fancy Michelin restaurants. Our suggestion is to buy a ham and cheese baguette, a bottle of wine and a croissant and have a small picnic in one of the cities many parks like Jardin des Tuileries or Parc des- Chaumont. If you want to experience the culture and art of the city, the Louvre is a place you must not miss. This is France’s biggest national musem and is one of the world’s most famous art museums. If you rather prefer to spend the day outside you can visit the Louvre during the evening when the museum is open until quarter to ten.

Take the train to Montpellier and visit the Planetarium Galilée which is a museum dedicated to astronomy, here you can explore the universe in their IMAX cinema. Make sure to taste the crepes in here in Montpellier, both delicious for lunch and dessert! In the areas around Montpellier there are many vineyards and oyster farms, definitely worth visiting.

The French countryside

Clermont-Ferrand is a great example of a French small village that really is something special. The village is surrounded by volcanic mountains where you can walk around among mountains, valleys, plains and plateaus. In the city you will find rich historical and cultural heritage with many remnants of Roman times around the old city centre. If your plans are to visit both Paris and Montpellier, Clermont-Ferrand is a nice stop on the way.

After your visit in Montpellier you can continue to the cute little village, Perpignan, which is an underrated gem that should not be missed! The village is located in the southern part of France and has about 2500 hours of sunshine every year. It was this sunny little village that Salvador Dalí called “the centre of the world”. Which may not be true, but as we can understand, Dalí was very fond of the village. Nearby you will find a medieval village named Castelnou. The Citadel is about 2700 years old and is surprisingly well preserved. The walk here is beautiful and when you stroll around among the remains you can try the local food at one of the restaurants or check out the small shops.

Catalan Pyrenees

When you are tired of the big cities and the irresistible French countryside, there is only one thing left to explore. Rafting! That is of course only if you dare to embark one of France’s largest and wildest rivers. If you are not the most adventures person you can take a hike in the mountains and feel the fresh air.





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