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Population Ca 82,4 million
Capital Berlin
Currency EUR
Language German

Germany – in the heart of Europe

Germany, Europe’s heart and one of the most influential countries in the world has a long list of sights and experiences. You can find everything from the church gate with 95 theses that Martin Luther nailed up, to cool nightclubs in Hamburg and tango nights in Berlin. Germany is a train-friendly country which makes it easy for you to embark on small adventures.

Medieval weddings, beer houses and waterfalls right in the center

If you go to the small town of Saarburg, and go to the small square Pfedermarkt, you can settle down in a small cafe and order a cup of java while admiring the stunning waterfall of 17 meters. In Saarburg you can also walk along the river and see a small castle ruin from 964 AD. and before leaving the city, taste the good apple wine Viez. To get to Wittenberg you need to spend a few hours on the train, but if you are interested in history it is definitely worth a visit. Here you will find the old church gate on which Martin Luther nailed 95 theses, where he criticized the pope’s greed and rejected the monastic life, which led to his being finally excommunicated. The square in Wittenberg is filled with nice small houses and nice beer houses. Then head to Bavaria to breathe in the fresh air in fabulous forest areas and magical mountain scenery. Here you will find lots of picturesque villages, medieval castles and buildings and monasteries. In Bavaria, a royal medieval wedding is recreated during the summer months, it is a very festive event with clothes and decorations that belong to the Middle Ages with dance, music and performances and of course the entire wedding ceremony.

Hamburg and Berlin

Do you feel it is time to feel the big city pulse again, both Hamburg and Berlin are two cities worth a visit. They are also not very far from each other and you can easily travel by train between the cities. Hamburg is Europe’s third largest port city and in the harbor there are not only cargo vessels, but you also see really large cruise ships and older sailing vessels. Speicherstadt to the east of the harbour is an old Gothic-style warehouse complex that was built over 100 years ago. Today it is a very popular place in Hamburg, and you can, for example, go to the coffee museum in the old coffee shop and you can look at the world’s largest miniature world, Miniature Wonderland. In the tiny world you will find everything from Las Vegas to Kiruna. If you feel like partying to it properly and dancing all night long you are in just the right city, get to the Reeperbahn, where you can choose from a lot of nightclubs.

Berlin can be reached from Hamburg in just under two hours. Here you can spend an evening with dinner and tango in old premises from the 20th century. The decor may be a little worn at this point, but it still holds today and contributes with a really lovely atmosphere. The place is called Clärchens Ballhaus and sometimes they hold dance courses in tango, salsa, drum and even disco. If you are looking for some shopping you should take a look at Bikinihaus. It is a different shopping centre that does not accommodate the typical shops expected of a shopping centre, here you will find vintage shops, unique design shops and even pop-up stores. If you move on to Manufactum you can continue your shopping with more sustainable alternatives, here the focus is on quality, hand-picked products made from natural materials that are designed to last.



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