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Population Ca 3,7 million
Country Germany
Currency EUR
Language German


Berlin is a city that never sleeps, there is always something going on, the creativity and festivities flow in the city. Here you can party any day of the week, and in some places even any time of the day. Not only do you find luxury shopping in Berlin, you also find sustainable fashion and interior design, a shopping center with different concepts and of course the mall where you can munch on local delicacies. Museum Island is an island full of museums, so you get a decent dose of art and history!

Who needs to sleep?

In Berlin no one needs to sleep! Some clubs and bars are open around the clock in Berlin, here it is always close to parties and dance and no one risks feeling lost if the urgency to dance becomes too strong. There are bars, clubs and pubs for all personalities. Jazz bars and rock bars, nightclubs that play techno and deep house, and of course even shows that play the latest hits. Choose between luxury and industrial, cocktails and beer, up on a roof or along the water’s edge. If you prefer beer when drinking alcoholic beverages, you don’t want to miss the Berlin Beer Festival, the Berliner Bierfest, which runs over two days in August. This has almost become a tradition in Berlin and during the festival a few hundred breweries from different countries show up and there are a couple of thousand different kind of beer, so carefully choose some you want to taste, but to try them all is not a brilliant idea.

In Berlin, there are many options if you love shopping. At Kreuzberg you will find many small and odd shops and secondhand shops. In the store “Colours” you can buy clothes at a kilo price! Visit Bikini Berlin, a shopping center where you will not find the old ordinary stores. There are many pop-up stores, design shops and nice restaurants. If you want to buy some raw materials or taste local delicacies, you should visit Markthalle am Marheinekeplatz, a market hall full of delicacies at great prices!

Museum Island and historical monuments

Berlin has made it easy for you. Five of the largest and most important museums are collected on a small island called Spreeinsel, in the river Spree. Here you will find Altes and Neues Museum which has a collection of sculptures from Egyptians, Greeks and Romans as well as a collection of prehistoric objects. The Alte Nationalgalerie is an art museum that exhibits works of art from neoclassicalism, impressionism and romance among other things. The Bode Museum has a large collection of antique coins, Byzantine art and Gothic style sculptures and of course much more than that. Finally, we come to the Pergamon Museum which has a large collection of crafts and monuments that are several thousand years old.

As you probably already know, there are many remains of World War II in Germany. If you want, you can join a guided tour where you get to see Hitler’s bunker and the German Resistance Museum among other things. Take a day trip to the Sachsenhausen memorial, which during 1936-1945 was a concentration camp and during 1945-1950 the camp was ruled instead by the Soviet Occupation Authority, where they initially let in Nazis but then other people who committed crimes or resistance against the Soviet.



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