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Population Ca 1,1 million
Country Germany
Currency EUR
Language German

Cologne, The City of Churches

Cologne, also called the city of churches, which is beautifully located on the Rhine river. Here you can always find life and movement and you can experience everything from festive carnivals, good food, good shopping and powerful buildings. Although about 90% of the city was destroyed during World War II, Cologne now stands stronger than ever and is now Germany’s fourth largest city.

Along the River Rhine

The price for the most famous building here in Cologne takes the Cologne Cathedral. The magnificent church with its 157-meter-high towers has long been what represented the city. The church, which began to be built as early as 1248, took a total of 632 years to build, and it was not completed until 1880. During the war, the church was hit by several bombs, but was repaired immediately after the end of the war. Today, the building is one of the world’s highest churches and a popular one. attraction. Do not miss the amazing view when the darkness has set and the church is lit up and becomes visible from the many corners of the city.

Another popular tourist destination is the botanical garden, which is located next to the river Rhine. Here you can dream yourself away and pretend to be somewhere else on earth while admiring the 10,000 different plants that come from every possible part of the world.

The Fifth Season

Something else that characterizes the city is the annual carnival which is a real festival of the people. The “fifth season” as the locals themselves call it, is up and running on 11/11 at 11:11 and ends on Ash Wednesday, which is usually at the end of February. During these months there is momentum and fan in the southern parts of Germany. The most popular day during this festival period is Blue Monday, this day the people gather on the streets and admire the famous carnival train that winds the 6.5 kilometers through the city. From the train, gifts and sweets are thrown down to the visitors, who must be dressed in different costumes.



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