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Population Ca 10,8 million
Capital Athens
Currency EUR
Language Greek

Greece – Captivating history and traditional barbecue evenings.

Greece continues to attract with the turquoise ocean, white houses with blue doors and miles long beaches. As you may know, this is where the western philosophy was born and from that a todays disciplines were formed.

The cradle of Western civilization

In Greece, the list of historical landmarks is long, but it is worth giving a few days for making some of them a visit. Most of the Greek mythology is still being kept here in Greece, and they have made a very good job to keep their history well preserved. Visit the famous cliff Acropolis in Athens which reaches the breath-taking height of 156 metres and the temple Parthenon which looks over the city. The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion is another well preserved ruin and is located right by the sea. Come here in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset which together with the temple offers an amazing view. As you probably may know the Olympic Games was first arranged here in Greece around 776 BCE to 393 CE in the city of Olympus. 1896 the Olympic Games was again brought to life and was by that time arranged in Panathinaikos stadium which you will find in Athens. Greece is the perfect place for the ones who just cannot get enough with historical sites!

The Greek islands

Make a trip to some of Greece’s many islands and we promise you that it is something you will not regret. There is probably not one who know exactly how many islands you can find outside Greece, but experts say that there should be approximately around 1000-6000 islands. Down below we will list four Greek islands that is well worth your visit.


  •  Paxos is one of the smallest islands in the Ionian Sea and it is mostly known for the many olive trees covering the western part of the island. Here you should take the opportunity to go on a guided tour in the well-known Blue Cave.
  • Santorini is a volcano island and is one of the most famous of the Greek Islands. It is quite special with the black sandy beaches and dramatical landscape. Parts of the island can be quite busy with tourists, but there are plenty of places where you can have some peace and quiet as well, for example the small village Vychlada.
  • Mykonos is the islands of party and wind. Here you can always find a beach party where you can dance and listen to good music all day and night long. The nickname “The windy island” has come to be because of the weather conditions making the island perfect for sailing and surfing.
  • Skopleos is the second largest islands of the Sporades and it offers the most amazing architecture. On the island you will be able to find more than 460 charming churches and a stunning landscape which will be hard to forget.

Greek food

Souvlaki, Greek salad with feta, olive oil and tzatziki, here in Greece you will find the perfect summer food! If you are not too hungry you can have a piece of white bread with some olive oil, black pepper and salt – the perfect tapas or snack.

We also want to mention that the best way to travel around in Greece is with train. The fact is that most of Greece’s beautiful landscape is only possible to see along the railways.



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