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Population Ca 10,1 million
Capital Budapest
Currency HUF
Language Hungarian

Hungary – a country rich in historical finds and romantic surroundings

Hungary has an incredibly exciting and eventful history, magnificent buildings, festivals and, not least, really yummy goulash soup. In the capital you can party to it in abandoned buildings and see the impressive parliament building. Outside Budapest, you can enjoy the refreshing nature and fairy tale castles, or maybe take a trip to Pécs and go to the International Dance Festival where you get to see performances in different dance styles such as ballet and modern dance.

Budapest – bustling buildings and ruins

When in Budapest you should definitely go on a pub crawl to their “ruin bars”. Old residential complexes that are semi-dilapidated and abandoned, and are waiting for demolition, and many pub owners have seized the opportunity to open pubs and clubs with very odd atmospheres. Among old concrete and brick walls, half covered with graffiti and unmatched furniture and strange interior details, people gather in the evenings to drink some glasses and hang out. Szimpla and Instant are two popular ruin bars, but there are quite a few to visit which makes a bar round an excellent evening.

There are many historical sites in Budapest and architecture worth stopping for, but there is not much that beats the Parliament Building and the Fisherman’s Bastion. Parliament is one of Europe’s oldest and also largest parliament buildings and you can actually go inside and look at the building, but not on your own, you must join a guided tour. The building holds 691 rooms, it is 96 meters high and 268 meters long and at the top is a six-sided dome. Yes, to say the least, it’s goofy. The Fishery Bastion was built in the late 19th century, the fortress has seven towers which symbolize the Magyar tribes that settled in the area during the 8th century. From the building you get an outstanding view of the river Danube and the eastern part of Budapest.

Nature and romance

Big cities, drinks and culture in all glory, but as nice as it is to get out into nature, the fresh air and just be here and now in the tranquillity. A train ride of about four hours takes you to Lillafüred, which is filled with greenery, sweet-smelling flowers and lakes. As a little cream on the moss there is also a castle which is like taken from the fairy tales, hanging gardens and waterfalls.

If you go in the opposite direction from Budapest, in about three hours you will reach Hungary’s fifth largest city, Pécs. The city was named the European Capital of Culture in 2010 and is also on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Pécs is also considered to be the most romantic city in all of Hungary. A wonderful feeling of the Mediterranean is found when the palms sway calmly in the wind and the long history of the city has left many memories for us to consider. There are remains from the Celts, Romans and Turks, medieval churches and archaeological finds dating to 6000 BC. Not far from the town lies Villany, a famous wine region where you can taste good wines.



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