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Population Ca 60,7 million
Capital Rome
Currency EUR
Language Italian

Italy – The perfect destination

Are you fond of historical buildings and can stroll around for hours watching ancient remains of the past? Do you enjoy life at your fullest and love cheese, wine and food? Do you like to spend your time around green valleys or high mountains and breath the fresh air? Then Italy is definitely the perfect destination for you.

Historical sites

Rome, Italys capital is crawling of historical sites, and it is one of many reasons why you shold go here. Step into the remains of the Colosseum and imagine the cruel gladiatorial contests that took place here around 100 CE. From here you can take a walk to the Roman Forum which once was a large square in the ancient Rome. If you have an interest in classic movies you should have seen Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” and might remember the famous scene when Anita Ekberg is swimming in Fontana di Trevi? That fountain can be found a 15-minute walk from the Roman Forum and if you keep on walking in the same direction you will eventually reach the magnificent park of Villa Borghese, a small oasis in the middle of the hectic city. Also make sure to visit the Vatican, the Pantheon and the underground catacombs.

Fashion, food and other specialties

Italy’s rich food and wine culture makes the mouth water for most people. A train ride through the country gives you the opportunity to experience the most of what the boot-formed-country has to offer. Enjoy the authentic pizza from Naples, have a glass of wine in Chianti and taste the cheese and the blood oranges in Sicily. Make sure not to forget about the strong espressos nor the indescribable ice creams. You can also try the refreshing drink Latte e Menta, which you can have both with and without alcohol.

If you love fashion, we recommend you make a stop in the well know fashion town of Milano. Here you can walk down the street of Via Monte Napoleone where you find famous designer shops, and if you are looking for clothes with more reasonable you can explore the shops at Vittorio Emanuele II.

Relax and go on adventures

The landscape in Italy is a paradise for both you who loves adventures and for those who want to relax and feel the fresh air filling your lungs. Visit the famous Lake Garda in northern Italy where you can sail, hike in the surrounding mountains and swim in the refreshing lake or go far down south to Sicily where you will find Etna, Italy’s most active volcano. From the northern part down to the south you will find long beaches and stunning countryside with vineyards and green fields.



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