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Population Ca 980 000
Country Italy
Currency EUR
Language Italian

Naples, The Capital of Pizza

Naples is the third largest city in Italy and attracts many tourists every year for its warm climate, beautiful buildings and for its vibrant inner city. The city has probably the most exciting story to tell, when Pompeii in 79 BCE was completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Here, according to the locals themselves, is the world’s best pizza. Join us and decide for yourself!

Naples Underground and a Buried City

San Gennaro’s catacombs are a little different and unknown to many here in Naples. A catacomb is an underground tomb that, in this case, remained from about 200 BCE. Here in Naples, the catacombs are well preserved and well worth a visit. Down in the underground burial ground you can admire the three churches found here as well as the impressive murals that were painted more than 1500 years ago. For those who want to explore the city underground there are more catacombs, underground corridors and shelters that have been preserved and also worth visiting during your stay here in Naples.
If we are to continue exploring the exciting history that has taken place around the area, we can take the opportunity to visit Pompeii. The city that year 79 BCE was completely buried by ashes when volcano Vesuvius erupted. In the 18th century, the excavations were started by the city which has been well preserved by the solidified lava over the years and today Pompeii is a popular tourist destination which both fascinates and gives shivers along the spine.


World’s Best Pizza

The world’s best and most popular pizza can be found here in Naples. The city has more than 1500 pizzerias so it can be a bit difficult to find just the best, but no matter which one you choose, we doubt you will be disappointed. The Neapolitan pizza is a classic and is said to be the first real pizza made. The real pizza should preferably be a Margherita as it should be as little topping as possible.



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