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Population Ca 2,9 million
Country Italy
Currency EUR
Language Italian


Italy’s capital is filled with remnants and memories of a bygone era. Many historical buildings and sites are so well preserved that you can only imagine with a glint of imagination what a typical day might look like a couple of thousand years ago. Here you will find plenty of shopping, food and ice cream and lush gardens where you can take a well-deserved break.

Historic sites and green oases

Even though you really should take the time to visit some sights, you will still get a lot with you just by strolling around the city. If you look in one direction you see the Colosseum, and if you turn around you are almost in the middle of the Roman Forum. The historic sights are numerous and there are only short walking distances between most of them. Fontana di Trevi is one of the most popular and well-known fountains in the city and it was precisely in this that Anita Ekdahl splashed around in the movie “La Dolce Vita”. It is especially beautiful when the darkness falls and the lights are lit, giving the fountain and statues a beautiful glow. The Vatican is, though the smallest in the world, an independent state in the middle of the city of Rome. It is a so-called micro-state with its 0.44 km2 and thus has its own postal, judicial and order system and the main sources of income for the tiny state are stamp sales, tourism and donations.

After spending some time in Rome, you may need a break from the crowds, the crazy traffic and the big city pulse – then it’s time to head to one of Rome’s green oases. Villa Borghese is quite a popular place, but you can still get a break there from the crowds. The garden is located high which gives you a great view of the city. Another little smaller park that is also well worth a visit is Roseto Comunale, when the roses are in bloom you will feel the flower scent even outside the park. Another lush and soothing oasis is the Giardino di Sant’Andrea al Quirinale. If you want to buy a picnic with you, maybe a few pieces of pizza, fresh fruit and a “succo di frutta” a fruit juice in different flavors, if you have a hard time choosing which, we recommend to taste the one made on peach…

Pizza Bianca and a glass of milk?

In Rome you will find many world class restaurants and cafés where you can sit down and enjoy a great meal. Here in Rome there are more than 300 restaurants to choose from, some with Michelin-stars but also other high-quality restaurants with more reasonable prices. Our recommendation is to try the famous Pizza Bianco, a pizza topped with olive oil and salt. It might not sound very tempting, but the fact is that you do not need many ingredients to make a delicious pizza, as long as the chef knows what he is doing and uses high quality olive oil. Another tip we can give you, to avoid any misunderstandings when you want to order a cafe latte… We are so used to just order a “latte”, but if you would order that in an Italian café, the barista would, a bit confusinlgy, give you a glass of milk.



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