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Population Ca 1,9 million
Capital Riga
Currency EUR
Language Latvian


Here on the eastern side of Europe you will find a new member of the Interrail family, the Baltic states’ largest country, Latvia. With an interesting and eventful history, the country has a lot to offer within art and architecture, in addition, Latvia is also famous for its beautiful landscape with thousands of lakes and rivers. Here you will find the capital of Latvia, Riga. A bustling and beautiful metropolis that will definitely make you impressed. For those of you who want a quieter time, Latvia also has a long coastline filled with nice beaches just a short train ride from Riga.

Discover the beautiful capital Riga

Latvia’s capital, Riga is a city that has come to be an increasingly popular destination and many say it is the most attractive and beautiful city at the time. Whether you are a dedicated art lover or a committed shopaholic, this city offers something that will amuse the most. The city is the most populated of the three Baltic countries and it is located in the western part of the region. But what is it that makes Riga such an interesting city? Many are amazed by Riga’s beauty and in Vecrīga (the old town) you will discover fascinating facades and medieval quarters from different eras. As you are walking around on the picturesque and historical streets you can seize the opportunity to walk past Alberta iela, one of Riga’s most famous streets with many astonishing buildings that are reflecting Latvia’s rich history.

For those of you who like shopping, Riga offers a wide range of just that. Here you will be able to find cheap clothes, handmade crafts and of course the famous amber. Well worth a visit is Riga’s well-known central market (Rīgas Centrāltirgus) which is the very heart of Riga, located right by the central station. Here you can shop organic foods such as vegetables, dairy products and spices, but also other things like clothes and crafts. For those who are searching for modern fashion you should definitely make a visit to Stockmann department stores. Scattered on four floors you will find famous clothing brands, make-up, shoes and toys, so put on your most comfortable sneakers because this is a place where you can spend many hours.

Relax on the Latvian Riviera

Just a stone’s throw away from the energetic cities you will find a 30-mile long coastline covered by white sandy beaches. Here both the Latvian people and tourists from other parts of Europe come to breathe in the fresh sea breeze. Jūrmala is a popular destination that is just a 30-minute long train ride from Riga, with a 20 kilometre long beach. The town is filled with beautiful wooden houses and beautiful gardens which will make even the most stressed out people calm. Here the spa centres are many and it isn’t surprising that Jūrmala is also called the city of health.

Not far from here you will find the national park Ķemeri, Latvia’s most impressive natural area. Wander around the viaducts and paths the meander through the green forests or take a hike to the famous sulphur springs located by the Sloka Lake.



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