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Population Ca 600 000
Capital Luxembourg
Currency EUR
Language French

Luxembourg – A small country with many hidden gems

Luxembourg has nearly 600,000 which makes it the smallest country in Europe. The benefit of traveling in a smaller country is that you easily can reach all the villages and nature areas with only a few hours on the train.

Stunning scenery and fascinating history

The landscape in Luxembourg is filled with lakes, rivers, big forests, green fields and high mountains. In many places around the country you will be able to see old castles and ruins which makes the hikes even more interesting and beautiful. Mullerthal Trail, has three hiking trails and 4 more advanced trails where you have to climb.

If you go a bit north, you will reach the Ardennes, a remarkable natural area where you will find several national parks, deep forests and rocky mountains. Here you can visit the small village of Clervaux with impressive castles, fascination architecture and big flourishing gardens.


Here in Luxembourg you will notice that there are many festivals arranged in different kinds around the year, and you will definitely find one that suits you. From June to September there is a big festival in the city of Luxembourg called “Summer in the City” which is celebrated with many, small festivals with different types of music, art exhibitions and markets. Blast Furnace is another festival arranged in the city Belval where you can watch dance shows and be a part of different workshops. If you are into blues, you should visit Lasauvage that every year arranges the biggest blues festival in Luxembourg. With 11 stages and up to 40 concerts in the period of two days, and the best of all, the entrance if free! Luxembourg is a catholic country and the 15 of august the citizens are celebrating the Virgin Mary Ascension, Remich is the perfect place to participate in the celebrations, something you do not want to miss!

Luxemburg City

This little town is the biggest in Luxembourg with slightly more than 100 000 inhabitants. The old town centre is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage and is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the city. If you like a good party you should go to oldest part of the town, Grund, where you will be able to party until the sunrise. The National Museum of History & Art is an interesting museum where you can spend the day watching everything from archaeological finds to modern artworks. Just outside the city you will find Bock Casements, an old fortress that dates back to year 963. Here you can admire the underground rooms and tunnels and you can explore the place with a map or a guide that will tell you the history behind the fortress.

Luxembourgers are particularly fond of wine and it is said that they drink the most wine per capita in the world. Therefore, there are plenty of vineyards and old wine cellars that you can visit around the country. They also have the most Michelin stars per capita so if you want to treat yourself an expensive dinner you will have plenty of options.



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