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Population Ca 630 000
Capital Podgorica
Currency EUR
Language Montenegrin

Montenegro – Plenty to experience within a small area

Montenegro is one of the smallest countries in the Balkans and although it may not attract as many tourists as Croatia does, we dare to say that they are in many ways are equal with their popular neighbour. It might even be slightly better since the prices still are low and it is not too crowded with tourists. Montenegro is the perfect place for you vacation, here you will find well-preserved villages from the Middle Ages and fun festivals during the whole summer.

Beautiful landscape and small villages

The coastal strip is covered with the most beautiful beaches, one of the best beaches in Montenegro is in Herceg-Novi which also offers a charming city centre where you can spend the day. Not far from Montenegro’s best beach you will find Kotor, the place you do not want miss! The old part of the city is one of the best-preserved medieval cities near the Adriatic Sea and it is also at UNESCO’s World Heritage list. But it does not end there, when you have visited the remains from the Middle Ages it is time to go outside the old city wall and walk up to St. John’s Fortress where you get the best view of Europe’s southernmost fjord. It almost looks like a piece of Norway has been transported to Montenegro.

If you have had enough of the old villages and deep fjords you can have a walk in Porto Montenegro. This is where the richest people in Montenegro is living which will be noticed when you see the grand houses. The big port houses up to 600 yachts and it is the perfect place to sit down watch the luxury boats and have a sip on a colourful drink. If you are looking for some shopping of expensive designer clothes, you have come to the right place.

Charming cities

Cetinje, which once was the capital of Montenegro and also was the world’s smallest capital between 1878 and 1913, is definitely worth a visit! Aorund 15,000 people lives here and it does not take very long to walk from one part of the city to another. Although the city is small it still has plenty to offer, especially when it comes to art galleries and nice restaurants with terraces. If you are here during the summer, you can participate in the big art festival that is being arranged here every year, all summer long! During the festival there a lots of art exhibitions, concerts, dancing and local food which you will not get enough of!

Continue to Podgorica, todays capital of Montenegro, slightly larger than Cetinje with its 150,000 inhabitants. The city may not offer the most beautiful architecture, but it definitely provides an interesting mix of houses from the urbanization of the Soviet and flourishing parks and historical sites from the Ottoman era. The city also has a good selection of nice pubs where you can enjoy a beer or something to eat.



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