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Population Ca 800 000
Country Netherlands
Currency EUR
Language Dutch


If it´s something Amsterdam has succeeded in, it is to keep the cozy factor despite a population of over 800,000 people. Perhaps it is a combination of well-preserved architecture from the 17th century and the lack of car traffic due to the city’s many canals that keeps the feeling of small-scale. Rent a bike to easily get through the city. There are many places where you can rent a bike for a whole day for around 10 euros.

Museums all the way?

There is a risk that you will suffer from decision anxiety when you are in Amsterdam as there are over 50 museums to choose from. Visiting every museum is probably not preferable. After just one day, you’ll probably be completely exhausted! But we have some suggestions for museums that you can visit and hopefully it can help you as you plan your trip. Vincent van Gogh and the Rembrandt Museum are two given places to visit if you have an interest in art. The Rembrandt Museum is his old house, which makes it extra interesting and there are many of his works on display. The Rijksmuseum is also worth a visit, where you will find many different exhibitions and you can listen to lectures and participate in activities. Anne Frank’s House is one of the most visited attractions in Amsterdam and it is really something very special to step into the secret little place where she and her family lived tucked away during the persecution of the Jews. Have a look at the Tulip Museum, the Houseboat Museum and the Heineken Experience where it is obviously also offered a glass of Heineken.

Food and shopping

Taste some of Amsterdam’s many culinary experiences. If the Dutch are allowed to choose themselves, the croquette and the bitter ball are ordered, there is two variants on deep-fried snacks, often stews with meat, fish, mushrooms or vegetables, which are then breaded and deep-fried. Ertwens soup is also popular, it is a green pea soup with carrots and pork. Stroopwafels, which are a round shaped thin waffle, can be found in many small restaurants and street cafés. Put it on as a lid on a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and let it melt a little, then it will be tasty! You will also find a lot of Indonesian food that has taken its place in the culture from the time when the Netherlands colonized Indonesia. The easiest way to get a taste of Indonesian cuisine is to order Rijsttafel, it consists of several different dishes of different kinds served with rice. You can advantageously share the dish together with your travel companion.

If you particularly like curios, antiques and jewelry, Amsterdam is the place to shop. Of course, there is plenty of shopping with well-known stores like H&M and Zara and the slightly more expensive variants like Gucci and Filippa K – but if you are looking for something a little more odd and unique, De 9 Straatjes is the place for you. There are nine small streets filled with odd second-hand shops, small shops with small-scale crafts, antiques, vintage clothing and small-scale fashion and of course lots of cute cafes where you can take a well-deserved break. For over 400 years, these nine alleyways have been a small center for various artisans, cafes and small shops, and even today, these locals often go shopping and drinking a cup of coffee with the obligatory stroopwafel.



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