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North Macedonia


Population Ca 2,4 milion
Capital Skopje
Currency MKD
Language Macedonian

North Macedonia – A hidden gem

North Macedonia is a relatively undiscovered country and it is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Therefore, you should take the opportunity and discover the country before tourists are invading the country. North Macedonia is the perfect place for those of you who loves good shopping, beautiful scenery and historical sites.

Skopje & Ohrid

Skopje, the capital of Northern Macedonia is a wonderful mix of modern architecture and ancient remains. The country that was ruled by the Ottoman empire for nearly 500 years still has many memories preserved in the form of bazaars, mosques, squares and outdoor markets. A charming old stone bridge by the name Dušan connects the new and more modern part of Skopje together with the older part. If you are interested in learning more about the North Macedonian history, you can visit the Museum of Macedonia which offers an impressive collection of historical objects. At the outdoor market in Bit Pazar you can eat the local Ćevapčići and grilled pepper. Make a visit to Stara Carsija, a bazaar area that has been an important trading centre since the 13th century.

A few hours from Skopje you will find Ohrid, a beautiful town built on a small hill with one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. The town once had as many churches as there are days of the year, today there are quite not that many, but still more than you will have the time to visit. Ohrid is filled with narrow alleys, cobblestone streets and old ruins and remains from ancient times. If you want to have a nice view you can you can visit Samuel’s fortress which standing high upon a hill. The fortress was built by the Tsar Samuel around year 1000 and on the walk up there you will pass old houses from the Ottoman empire with fascinating architecture. .

Churches and underwater caves

A few kilometres from Skopje you will find an artificial lake of 5000 hectares with calm surroundings and flowers that attract many butterflies. A perfect day trip from the capital where you can relax, go on a boat trip, go hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and explore the cave of Vrelo, which is one of the deepest underwater caves in the world.

Between Skopje and Ohrid you will find Mavrovo, the largest national park in North Macedonia. Here you will find a big lake where you can see the top of a church. The church was built in 1850 and used for over 150 years, but when the lake was built, the church began slowly to sink. It has occasionally been completely submerged, but during the summer when the water dries you can see the whole church.



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