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Population Ca 250 000
Country Norway
Currency NOK
Language Norwegian


Bergen is a charming and beautiful little town of just under 300,000 inhabitants. Colorful house facades, a history that whisper secrets from the Vikings’ time and the surroundings, which are made up of powerful mountains and healthy waterways make this an excellent place to catch your breath.

Art, history, and small town shopping

In Bergen there are surprisingly many art galleries, if it is included in your favorite hobbies to look at art, you have a close distance to most galleries and museums given the size of the city. KODE Art Museum has four large buildings and among their art collections you will find an impressive collection of Munch. Kunsthall 3.14 is located on the second floor of a building from 1843 that was once a bank. To learn more about the city’s history, visit the Bryggens Museum, where you will see archaeological excavations that illustrate what life once looked like. The University Museum has cultural-natural history collections from, among others, the Stone Age and the Viking Age and art from the Middle Ages.

The Hansa harbor is so cozy and has also earned a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, here you can buy fresh fish, browse the craft shops and have a glass at one of the cozy pubs. If you need to cool down a bit, visit Magic Ice Bar, an ice-cold bar where basically everything is made of ice. Before you step into the bar, you are provided with a warming poncho and a pair of gloves. Around the city you will find some farmers markets, you can also shop second hand and if you are looking for a little more regular shopping there are also some shopping centers. At the end of August / September, a big food festival is organized in Bergen and in connection with the food festival, a beer festival is organized – what a suitable pair! Enjoy good food and good beer and remember to also check out the semi-final in “The Norwegian meal”.

Activities and fieldtrips

There is much to be found in Norway’s enchanted nature. Take a bike ride of 80 km between Haugastöl – Finse, cycle past waterfalls, streams, forests and cliffs. Or sit on the gondola, Ulriken Express which takes you up the Ulriken, the highest peak of the seven mountains with its 643 meters. At the top you can also ride an exciting zipliner! Not far from Bergen you will find the Aurlandsfjord and if you go to Vöringfossen you will reach a waterfall of 182 meters. “Going for a walk” is deeply rooted in Norwegian culture, and throughout the country – and Bergen is no exception – you will find many hiking trails, ranging from shorter day trips to multi-day hiking. Just make sure you have a pair of proper shoes, a rain jacket, some change (especially socks), a lunch bag, and to let someone else know when you are going, anywhere and when you plan to be back.



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