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Population Ca 600 000
Country Polen
Currency PLN
Language Polish

Gdańsk on the “Polish Riviera”

On the Polish coast to the Baltic Sea is the capital Gdańsk. This gem will you never get enough of as there is literally everything you could wish for here with everything from a charming city center with good shopping to exciting culture and fine buildings. The city even belongs to the “Polish Riviera” and offers wonderful beach opportunities.

Discover the Old Town

For the cultured, the old town of Gdańsk is a real paradise. There are several museums, cheap beer and street musicians standing along the cobbled streets. Here you can also see the world’s largest brick-built church, the St. Mary’s Church. The mighty church was built in the 1300s and has room for 25,000 visitors. The church is best known for its beautiful clock which you can either admire from below the ground or take the 400 steps up to the tower where you can get a perfect view of the fine city. After a visit to the church you can walk along the charming pedestrian street Mariacka Street which is close by. Here it is forbidden to drive, and the small shops are close to each other in the old buildings that are along the street.
A little further away you will find the Oliwa Cathedral which is a delight to the eye with its magnificent architecture. Every year there is an organ festival in this part of the city, so for those of you who are interested in music this can be a hot tip!

Sunbathe on the Polish Riviera

When you want to escape the big city feeling you can take a trip to one of the beaches that are just outside the city. Within walking distance of the city center are two beaches, Stogi and Brzeźno. Brzeźno is by far the most popular and when the weather is good, the beach quickly becomes full of families with children who want to enjoy the sun or take a dip. Although many come here, the beach rarely feels full because it is so long.
You will find a little nicer beach in Sopot. Here the sand is white and along the entire promenade there are bars and cafes that are perfect for when your stomach starts to make noises or you want to take shelter from the sun for a while. At the beach you will also find Europe’s longest wooden pier which can be nice to take a walk to.



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