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Population Ca 800 000
Country Polen
Currency PLN
Language Polish


If it wasn’t for Krak defeating the evil dragon who frightened the battle of the village that once lay where Krakow is today, Poland would not have had this wonderfully beautiful and eventful city. So, cap off to Krak, and hop on the train that will take you to one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, filled with interesting history and beautiful houses, fun shopping and quirky dance venues.

Stunning history and aspiring artists

There is much to see and learn in Krakow. One of the most interesting and fascinating museums in the city is undoubtedly the Oskar Schindler factory. There you get an insight into what life could look like for a Jew during the Nazi occupation during the Second World War. Listen to radio broadcasts with Nazi propaganda, read excerpts from letters and diaries and look at photographs and even staged pictures that illustrate what it could look like. Oskar Schindler rescued about 1,200 Jews just before they were evacuated. Through persuasion and bribes he managed to get permission to move them to a safe place, which cost him all his wealth.

In Krakow is the Jagiellonian University, Poland’s oldest university that has been active since 1364. Here, among others, studied Nicolaus Copernicus who was an astronomer, mathematician, economist, diplomat, lawyer, interpreter, doctor… Yes, he was very bright and engaged, maybe he even had more hours a day than all of us? Adjacent to the university you will find a botanical garden which is a relaxing place that is not actually full of tourists. You will not find any cafe here so please bring a java thermos and something to eat!

Attractions in all honor, but don’t forget to just take it easy, stroll around the old part of town and admire the architecture. Look in small shops, have a good cup of coffee and watch the people passing by. If you are looking for a little different shopping you should look up the Idea Fix Concept Store, here you will find creations from aspiring young Polish designers and artists. Shop unique apparel, decor items and artwork. The shop also organizes fashion shows and other types of shows.

Underground city

When in Krakow, you must – must go to the salt mine in Wieliczka. It is a small town just outside Krakow and a trip there is perfect as a day trip. The salt mine is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list and has been in use since the Middle Ages. The miners who worked there built a small underground town of salt – in their spare time. It’s an incredible place! Almost everything is created in salt, you will find sculptures, large halls, a chapel with an altar, a post office, a cinema, theater, a museum and a restaurant.

If you have a taste of that with the underground, you can enjoy the fact that there are a lot of medieval arches under the ground in Krakow. In some of these medieval arches you will find cool bars and nightclubs where you can dance all night long.



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