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Population Ca 300 000
Country Slovenia
Currency EUR
Language Slovenian


Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a small-scale city, a bit fairytale-like and very modern at the same time. The inner city is also car-free which makes it a pleasure to stroll around the inner city, take a cup of java by the river and go on a search for dragons.

Enjoyable city walks

To be as small a city as Ljubljana is, there are still some things to do and see. But it is a great pleasure to just walk in the beautiful city. It may have little to do with the city being named the European Capital of Environment in 2016, so in addition to being a romantic city with many bridges, dragons and a river, it is also clean and car-free. Stroll around the old town and find antiques, look at the colorful facades and take an evening stroll over all the illuminated bridges. Sit in a small boat and take a trip across the river and see the city from another direction or go up to the large castle built on a hill and get an overview of the whole city. The castle also has a courtyard, a coffee house and a chapel. Go scouting for dragons, there is a special preference for dragons here actually and you will find smaller and larger dragons in alleys, on bridges, under bridges and a little everywhere in the city. In Slovenia, locally produced and organic food has been a matter of course for a long time. That is why there is not much sign of it either. Slovenian cuisine has begun to attract glances from all over the world and there is plenty to do.

Take a break in Tivoli Park, which is a large green area on the outskirts of the city. Relax among ponds and fountains, settle on the grass and munch on picnics. Look into the greenhouse which has a few thousand different plant species that grow so it cracks. Sometimes there are photo exhibitions and other nice events in the park.

Alternative culture, optical illusions

Metelkova is a place filled with works of art in the form of murals and small monuments. It’s like its own little town in the city, and the streets are filled with artist studios, cool nightclubs and nice cafes. It may well look a bit like Ljubljanas Christiania! Metelkova also organizes festivals, concerts and other events. A lovely creative free zone, a real gem in Ljubljana. More art? The National Gallery is an impressive building that presents an impressive collection of art from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. To learn more about Slovenia, but also other cultures, take a look at the Ethnographic Museum.
To get you a good laugh and maybe get confused, go to Museum of Illusions which is an exciting, educational and interactive museum!



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