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Population Ca 10,2 million
Capital Stockholm
Currency SEK
Language Swedish

Sweden – so many goodies …

Why not have a vacation back home in Sweden? Many times, we look outside to discover new things, but there may be a lot in Sweden that you have not yet discovered! You can hike in the mountains, discover our islands, ski, party in the capital and splash in the sea.

Mountain hiking, mountain marathon and skiing

There is much to see and do in the mountains. Do you love to go on shorter or longer hiking trips, the northern parts of Sweden are a little paradise with a nature that will make you lose your breath. You are in a small magical forest that is as taken directly from the fairy tales. Kungsleden is one of the most popular and one of the best hiking trails in Sweden. It extends from Abisko in Lapland to Hemavan and is approximately 425 km. Depending on which part of the trail you choose to hike, or if you take on the whole, you will pass, among other things, the Kebnekaisi massif, the big waterfall, Kvikkjokk, Jäkkvik and Ammarnäs. The Swedish Tourist Association has set up cabins along most of the trail that you can spend the night in, but it is also possible to camp. Bridges have been built over rapids, so you don’t have to wade through larger streams if you don’t want to.

The High Coast trail is another popular hiking trail located in Ångermanland and is around 130 km. The hiking trail is lined with small magical forests, archipelagos, bathing coves, cultural monuments and it is also on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Although the northern parts of Sweden are most popular for hiking and of course skiing, there are many nice hiking trails further south. Discover Öland by walking on the Mörbylångaleden at 84 km. Then you get to see some of the inland and much of the coast and you can also canoe, swim, go to flea markets and art galleries. But if we make our way back to the mountains – you’re tired of walking, you can always put on your running shoes and run! There are a lot of marathons, quarter marathons, and also some running races for children during the summer.

Great little Stockholm

During the beginning of August, a summer movie will be arranged five nights in a row, it will take place in Rålambshovsparken in Stockholm and the film will start at 21.00. Newer and older films, classics and cult classics are all shown here. Bring your lounger, picnic basket and a bunch of good friends! Don’t miss walking through the Old Town in Stockholm, peeking at Mårten Trotzig’s alley, rummaging across the cobblestone streets and peering into the shops. If you want to take a break from the bustle of the metropolis, you can take a break in the Bergian garden with Edvard Anderson’s greenhouse with four departments offering Mediterranean climate. There is also a Victorian greenhouse that offers a more tropical climate including pineapple plants. You will find many shopping streets in Stockholm and if you are interested in history then the Vasa Museum is very interesting.



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