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Population Ca 100
Country Sweden
Currency SEK
Language Swedish


Spend your vacation in Northern Sweden, experience a nature that almost feels too good to be true. But the nature up here is very real, pinch yourself in the arm and you will see! Our beautiful mountain scenery with canyons and valleys, lingonberry and globe flowers, jocks and rivers, and not to forget – Abisko is one of the sunniest places in Sweden and also the place with the least rainfall! Just that alone makes you want to pack your bag and move there…

Our fantastic mountain nature

Experience sunny days and mild, comfortable temperatures during the summer months in Abisko. You don’t have to travel far to feel completely taken by nature. Our mountain areas with mountains, valleys, mountain lakes and canyons invite you to wonderful walks and views that cannot be described in words and can barely even be captured in a photograph! At the entrance to Abisko’s National Park, the Swedish Tourist Association has a hotel, a hostel, tent pitches with service houses and a restaurant. In the national park you will also find Naturum which has exhibitions where you can learn lots about the mountain nature and get tips on different hiking trails. There are both shorter and longer hikes, and from Abisko you can walk the last stretch of Kungsleden which is 108 km (of the total length of 425 km). For a slightly shorter hike you can walk Abisko Mountain at 37 km. A lot of hikes are also adapted for people with disabilities and many are also easily accessible for children. If you want to take a break from all the hiking, there is another way to experience our beautiful mountain scenery, which is through a three-hour train journey on the Malmbana from Abisko to Narvik. If you want to go the whole distance of 500 km, you should jump on the train in Luleå instead. The Malmbana is one of the oldest iron ore railways in the world. See it a bit like Sweden’s answer to the Glacier Express in Switzerland, but with a slightly different nature. What they have in common is at least the magic, the energy and the calm that sway in the fresh air that in each breath fills your lungs with harmony.

Midnight sun & northern lights

Nuolja is the perfect place to experience both the midnight sun and the northern lights. Both in summer and in winter you go up the mountain with a cable car and then hike the last bit. At the top there is a terrace and a view tower which gives you a magnificent view of the surroundings and the sky. Be sure to warm yourself in the small cafe during the winter with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Of course, there are no guarantees for Northern Lights, but 70% of the trips there offer a spectacular Northern Lights dance so your chances are quite good.

There are many gold nuggets and hidden gems in the surroundings at Abisko. Some of these are Trollsjön, which has been voted Sweden’s best destination in SJ’s competition “Visa ditt fantastiska Sverige” (Show your fantastic Sweden). It has also been compared to Lake Garda in Italy… Some other places that are quite unbelievable are Tornesträsk, Scandinavia’s largest mountain lake where it is possible to sit in a wood-fired sauna and of course during the winter you can take a dip in the frozen water. The cabin once belonged to a skipper and his family. Abisko canyon is another magical place, it’s 20 meters deep and consists of steep rock walls of dolomite and hard slate, and between the rock walls the river Abiskojåkka passes. In your surroundings you will experience a very rich plant life, lingonberry, linen, globe flowers, crowberry, forest star and blueberry rice. Merlin is the most common bird of prey, but you can also see a golden eagle floating by. Moose, short-tailed weasel and norwegian lemming thrive here and if you are really lucky you may see a modest bear and a small arctic fox.



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