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Population Ca 20 000
Country Sweden
Currency SEK
Language Swedish

Mora, Dalarnas pride

At the northern end of Siljan you will find the cosy town of Mora. Here you will find everything from nature and outdoors life, culture and shopping as well as a love for sports. All year round, Mora is a centre for tourism and activities and there is something for everyone in the family.

Stroll through an exciting story

Every year one of Sweden’s biggest events is held here in Mora, of course I talk about the world-famous Vasaloppet. The ski race attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year and is followed by two million television viewers. The classic race starts in Sälen in the west and takes you the long 90 km through the beautiful nature area to Mora in the east. It can be a little difficult to understand that so many people each year choose to torment themselves through something like this. But well in place it is a real folk party and most of the participants do most to drink some blueberry soup and have a nice time along the track. Since the start was the first time in 1922, the race has grown and today there are sixteen different races all year round that go the classic Vasaloppa section or parts of it, so for those who do not like cross-country skiing there is also the Vasala race for cycling and running.

What puts Mora on the map

Mora is the birthplace of the Dala horse. The red wooden horses are a symbol for Dalarna and also for the whole of Sweden and it was already in the 18th century that these little figures began to be counted, 100 years later the Dala horse also got its characteristic pattern. This horse is now known around the world and many tourists come to Dalarna every year to visit the Dala horse manufacturers and see the world’s largest Dala horse made of wood that stands in Mora.

An exciting excursion destination for the whole family is Tomteland, located at the foot of the Gesundaberget in Mora. Here, Santa lives with witches, mice and trolls in an impressive fairy tale world where the elves dance and the gnomes sneak among the trees. The adventures and experiences are many here in the magical forest, so a quiet moment will not occur.




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