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Population Ca 65 000
Country Sweden
Currency SEK
Language Swedish


Östersund, Sweden’s centerpiece, is a wonderful destination for both the summer and winter months. Jamtli History Land is both exciting and educational and suits both large and small, the scenery is fantastic, and the cloudberries tastes sweet, the skiing is top class and the locals are hoping for Östersund to hold the Winter Olympics in the near future.

Jamtli & the surf bay

Jamtli is open all year round and during autumn and winter there are many nice activities and markets. But during the summer, Jamtli History Land is open, and there you will keep up with an exciting journey through several different eras. The History Land is a fun and educational place for both children and adults, there are farms and houses that have been recreated after different eras and there are shops and cafes, theater shows and fun activities. All staff are dressed in accurate clothes and sometimes offer spontaneous small plays. The park has its own currency, Jamtli kronor, and if you want to spend some money there you get 10% discount if you use their currency.

The surf bay is another exciting place to visit. It started with Simon Jaktlund and his little caravan, rolling in what is today called the Surf Bay. He had a vision, and many shared his vision and together they created a little oasis where you can chill in the hammock, borrow longboards, do cool backflips on the skating rink, go on a yoga class, kayaking… Yes, here is a lot to find at and sometimes concerts and other events are arranged. During the winter season there are many nice ski slopes at the Östersund ski stadium, Gustavsbergsbacken and Ladängen among others.

Arts, crafts and areas filled with cloudberrys

The National Museum has a branch in Östersund where you can see art from Nordic artists from the early 1900s. At Frösö Handprint you can look into the workshop and shop where wonderfully beautiful textile prints are made by skilled and creative craftsmen. The factory has been operating since 1946. In Storsjöhyttan you will find the city’s first studio glass hut, founded by three female glass blowers. Peek into the workshop, shop and gallery.

The surroundings around Östersund are magically beautiful. On Andersön you can barbecue with loved ones, sunbathe and swim and go for walks. Or maybe take a bike ride on beautiful Frösön, look at the view and the old church. You will find fields with cloudberries scattered around Östersund, and you can eat as many as you want.



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