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Population Ca 1 million
Country Sweden
Currency SEK
Language Swedish


Sweden’s capital has so much exciting to offer! Stroll around the Old Town and grab a cup of coffee, buy tickets to any of Stockholm’s festivals or head out to the beautiful archipelago and cool off in the sea. Here you can find something for most people!

Go to festivals and visit the jungle on the roof

In Stockholm there is always life and movement, you just can’t get bored here! Feel free to attend one (or more) of all the festivals organized in Stockholm. If you have a special interest in film, the Stockholm Film Festival is something for you, it is usually held a bit in the autumn, but events are usually arranged even in the summer as an extension of the festival or perhaps a small aperitif. In August, the Film Festival will host an outdoor cinema for five nights in a row, starting at 9 o’clock in the evening. Bring a deck chair, some coffee and some friends and settle down in Rålambshovsparken for a really cozy movie night. The films that are shown are both older and newer productions, indie films and real scrolls. Other exciting festivals are Summerburst, which is especially focused on electronic music and world stars such as Tiesto, Guetta and Avicii have played there. If you want to go to a festival with a slightly more varied program, maybe the Cultural Festival is for you, here you can go to film shows and concerts, see art exhibitions and perfomance art among other things. In October, a jazz festival is organized for all jazzers out there!

The party- and nightlife in Stockholm have a lot to offer in addition to all festivals. But a word of warning – it’s not always easy to get into a nightclub in Stockholm. Some require you to be on a guest list and many places have a dress code – usually nothing special but if you are a little dressed up you have a better chance of getting in. Some nightclubs can sign you up on the guest list through their Facebook page and some you can enter by subscribing to the newsletter. If there is a particular club that you would very much like to join but have not been able to enter the guest list, it can actually work if you send a friendly message to them and ask. There is absolutely no guarantee but sometimes it works!

Stockholm archipelago, art and culture

When you are in Stockholm it is almost a must to go out into the archipelago. It consists of about 30000 islands and islets and a small boat trip will take you quickly to some of the islands such as Dalaro, Utö or Saltkråke Island. Sunbathe and swim, have coffee and stroll around the beautiful nature. But there are also many parks you can visit to catch some breaths between nightclubs, shopping and museums. The Rosendal Garden is probably the coziest outdoor dining area and is very nice to stroll around in. The Haga Park in Solna is also a green and lovely place with, among other things, the Hagas Castle where Crown Princess Victoria lives with her family, in the park you can also see the Chinese pavilion, the Turkish kiosk and the royal burial ground.

The Photographic Museum is one of many interesting museums in Stockholm. Each year there are 4 main exhibitions and about 20 smaller exhibitions. In addition to the exhibitions, you can also attend photography courses, both for those who prefer to shoot with their mobile phone and those who have more advanced equipment. Have a look at the Vasa Museum if you want to see the large Vasa ship that in the 17th century sank to the bottom of its maiden voyage. Adjacent to the museum is also the Vase Garden where flower plants and medicinal herbs bloom.

Surely (almost) a must to squeeze in some shopping too? In the Old Town you will find souvenirs and “comic-bookstores”, on Bondegatan you will find vintage shops and antiques and if you want to shop from the big chain stores you should look up Drottninggatan.



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