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Population Ca 130 000
Country Switzerland
Currency CHF
Language French


Switzerland’s capital Bern is a small town of about 130,000 inhabitants. It is a cozy town with a bath-friendly river, cute bears, an astronomical clock and a mountain that gives you a unique view of the whole city. Here are also some opportunities for you who are craves shopping and of course a huge dose of cultural-historical treasures!

Animals and nature in the middle of the city

Unfortunately, many watercourses around the world today are polluted and Europe is no exception. But the river Aare in Bern has luckily stayed clean and therefore invites to refreshing and cooling baths during the hot summer months. A cool dip will do wonders after you have climbed the mountain Gurten, had a picnic and enjoyed the fantastic views. Right on the river Aare is also the bear park where you can watch as the bears play, swim and fish and other things that bears do. Right next to the bear park is the restaurant and beer brewery Altes Tramdepot, which has a very homely atmosphere, with good Swiss food, homemade ice cream and good beer.

A trip through the life of Einstein and a walk in Old Town

Albert Einstein lived in Bern for a couple of years and it was in this city that he and his wife Mileva Marić developed the theory of relativity. Nowadays, his old home is a museum that will take you on the journey through most of his life and his scientific work. With over 500 original objects, about 70 films and animations, you get a good insight into Einstein’s life and the time he was active. To learn a little more about Bern and the area’s history, take a look at the History Museum which has an extensive ethnographic collection and archaeological objects that extend as far back as the Stone Age. Book a guided tour of the city so you won’t miss out on small hidden gems and interesting places that can be difficult to find on your own.

The old town of Bern is charming with all it’s cobbled streets, historical buildings and many shops selling antiques. Look at the late Gothic cathedral which has an interesting replication of The Last Judgment and the old astronomical clock, Zytglogge from the 13th century. Here is a large selection of nice cafes where you can relax, and restaurants in different price ranges. If you are looking for a little shopping in the small town of Bern, there are many markets that are well worth a visit. Between March and December, a craft market is organized on the first Saturday of the month at the Minister, if you want to go to the flea market you should go to Mühleplatz in Matt which is open the third Saturday in the month between May and October. Every Tuesday and Saturday you can visit a flower and food market at Bundesplatz, Münstergasse, Parliament Square and Bärenplatz.



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