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Beach Holiday

14 days
5 854 SEK

This trip is perfect for anyone who is looking to get away and get some sunbathing and swimming in. During this trip you will get to visit two popular bathing places in Europe, a perfectly pleasant two week vacation. First off is Italy’s northeastern coast where you will visit the cozy town of Rimini, which offers miles of sandy beaches and a lot of culture. The train ride continues on all the way to the Croatian coastal city of Split, which, in addition to sunbathing and swimming, offers wonderful food markets and some exciting history.

Travel Plan

Down below you will find our greatest tips on how to divide your journey, to get it as comfortable as possible, with few changes and good changeover times.  If you are searching for this journey yourself, the website can produce another alternative that it considers to be the best. If this happens we’ll recommend you to divide the trip. For example: Stockholm – Copenhagen in one search,
then Copenhagen – Hamburg in the next insted of Stockholm – Hamburg at once. We will without a doubt, through our customer service, help you to book this trip if neccesary.
The prices below is only for seatreservations, the cost for the Interrail pass will apply. 

Day 1 & 2: Stockholm - Rimini
05:25 Stockholm C
4h 29m
09:54 Malmö C
10:13 Malmö C
35 m
10:48 Copenhagen H
11:35 Copenhagen H
4h 41m
16:16 Hamburg Hbf
20:29 Hamburg Hbf
10h 40m
07:09 Munich
07:34 Munich
6h 36m
14:10 Bologna
16:00 Bologna
17:13 Rimini
First Class 2052 SEK
Second Class 871 SEK
Travel time 1 day 11 hours 48 minutes
Changes 5
Day 3: Rimini - Split
05:50 Rimini
1h 11m
07:01 Bologna
07:53 Bologna
1h 27m
09:20 Venice
09:55 Venice
3h 16m
13:11 Villach
16:53 Villach
3h 58m
20:51 Zagreb
22:56 Zagreb
7h 49m
06:45 Split
First Class 1213 SEK
Second Class 831 SEK
Travel time 1 day 55 minutes
Changes 4
Day 4 & 5: Split-Stockholm
18:28 Split
14h 41m  
08:54 Budapest
09:40 Budapest
6h 52m
16:32 Munich
22:52 Munich
9h 55m
08:47 Hamburg
09:28 Hamburg
4h 58m
14:26 Copenhagen H
16:23 Copenhagen H
5h 13m
21:36 Stockholm
First Class 2729 SEK
Secons Class 908 SEK
Travel time 1 day 3 hours 8 minutes
Changes 4

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