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The Dream Vacation for Kids

12 days
6 768 SEK

An adventure suited for the whole family where you visit the fast-paced and beloved Legoland in Billund, Denmark. The magical and spectacular Disneyland in Paris, where all the fairy tales come true. We also take you to Tropical Island, Europe’s largest tropical resort, with a large water park, spa and hotel. The last stop on the trip is Berlin, where you can find something that suits everyone in the family. Everything from shopping to aquariums and water parks.

Travel Plan

Down below you will find our greatest tips on how to divide your journey, to get it as comfortable as possible, with few changes and good changeover times.  If you are searching for this journey yourself, the website can produce another alternative that it considers to be the best. If this happens we’ll recommend you to divide the trip.  For example: Stockholm – Copenhagen in one search,
then Copenhagen – Hamburg in the next insted of Stockholm – Hamburg at once.We will without a doubt, through our customer service, help you to book this trip if neccesary.
The prices below is only for seatreservations, the cost for the Interrail pass will apply. 

Dag 1: Stockholm - Vejle
08:25 Stockholm C
5h 7m
13:32 Copenhagen H
14:52 Copenhagen H
2h 3m
16:55 Vejle
First Class 213 SEK
Second Class 127 SEK
Travel time 8 hours 30 minutes
Changes 1
Day 2 & 3: Vejle - Marne la Vallee-Chessy
14:16 Vejle
3h 46m
18:02 Hamburg Hbf
21:02 Hamburg Hbf
9h 14m
06:16 Offenburg
07:13 Offenburg
07:40 Strasbourg
07:59 Strasbourg
09:58 Marne la Vallee-Chessy
First Class 1953 SEK
Second Class 908 SEK
Travel time 19 hours 42 minutes
Changes 3
Day 4: Marne la Vallee-Chessy - Luebben
07:49 Marne la Vallee-Chessy
1h 54m
09:43 Brussels
10:25 Brussels
1h 50m
12:15 Cologne
12:44 Cologne
4h 22m
17:06 Berlin Hbf
18:26 Berlin Hbf
4h 58m
19:23 Luebben
First Class 556 SEK
Second Class 447 SEK
Travel time 11 hours 34 minutes
Changes 3
Day 5: Luebben - Berlin
10:26 Luebben
11:24 Berlin
First Class – SEK
Second Class – SEK
Travel time 58 minutes
Changes 0
Day 6: Berlin - Stockholm
07:06 Berlin Hbf
2h 5m
09:11 Hamburg Hbf
09:28 Hamburg Hbf
4h 58m
14:26 Copenhagen H
16:23 Copenhagen H
5h 13m
21:36 Stockholm C
First Class 278 SEK
Second Class 192 SEK
Travel time 14 hours 30 minutes
Changes 2

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