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Grand Trip

30 days
8 637 SEK

Classic interrailing, passing most cities necessary for a genuine interrail trip. This trip is for you who want to experience all the best that Europe has to offer. Along the way you will be greeted with welcoming oceans and the warmth of the sun from some of the best beaches that the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea has to offer. You will also experience the amazing culture and history that remains in the walls of the cities around Europe. From the North to the South, this train loop will take you to some of the most well-known sights such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome and the parts of the Berlin Wall. Put simply, it will be a memorable trip that the whole family can enjoy.


Copenhagen. Here you can take the opportunity to visit the popular amusement park Tivoli, where there are also lots of good restaurants and concerts, or maybe rent a bike or go on a trip along the canal. Which is some of the things many people come to enjoy when traversing the city.

Amsterdam, where there is much pleasure to partake in. The city is well known for its canals. The best way to get around the city is to rent bicycles. There are plenty of pubs, restaurants, shopping and cruises along the canals. There are also a lot of attractions here, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House.

Paris. The big city where visitors flock every year, which is no wonder since Paris has so much to offer. Everything from a visit to the world famous Eiffel Tower to food culture, from browsing along all the city’s shopping streets to an evening at one of the many clubs located here. Or maybe a trip to Disneyland? Yes Paris surely has something for everyone.

Nice. In the middle of the French Riviera you will find this pot of gold. For the shopping enthusiast, this city is a paradise and at the same time you will always have the sun and beaches in your vicinity for when the heat get arduous. In the middle of the city lies the boardwalk that has a span of over seven kilometers, so a vacant spot on the beach will never be difficult to find. In the evenings there is always a good selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs of very high quality at your convenience.

Rome, Italy’s fine capital that has so much to offer. Here there are a lot of sights and a great mix of both old and modern surroundings. Attractions worth visiting in the city include the Spanish Steps, the Coliseum and the Pantheon. Rome is also home to the Vatican City, here you can visit St. Peter’s Basilica and see the Sistine Chapel which offers absolutely stunning ceiling painting murals.


Florence, In the middle of beautiful Tuscany you will find this gem that flows with exciting history and art that impress the most. Lush little streets and incredible architecture not to be be missed as you walk through the city. There are several museums worth a visit and if you go to Piazzale Michelangelo, and elevated square on top of a hill, you are guaranteed the best view of the city.

Vienna. The city is full of experiences. Here you can learn to ride in a dressage school, visit one of the many cozy cafes, or look at all the grand churches and castles that are located around the city. Vienna is also known for being a great wine producer and large parts of the area consist of vineyards. What better way than to take a trip to one of them to try the local wine?

Split Here you will experience a lot of sun, swimming and boat excursions. Surely you should visit the Old Town where the Diocletian’s Palace is magnificently standing, also take the opportunity to go up into the bell tower where you can get a fantastic view over the whole city. Along the harbor promenade Riva in Split, it is crowded with open-air cafés where you can sit down and try food from Croatian cuisine, while overlooking the clear blue waters.

Budapest, the Hungarian city with incredible architecture. Don’t miss out on a visit to the Hungarian Parliament or one of the two large thermal baths Gellért and Széchenyi. In the evening you can visit one of the ruin bars, which the next day turns into a market. Along the Danube, you can take a walk and then cross the river via the famous chain bridge.

Bratislava in Slovakia. Here you can visit the lovely streets of the Old Town, the castle on the hill or visit the popular markets. Next stop is Prague, a beautiful old town with plenty of pubs, restaurants and buildings.

Kraków, a charming city with a lot of history. You should try a visit to Kraków’s Jewish Quarter or take a day trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau, located a short distance from Kraków.

Warsaw, the capital where one can try out Poland’s food culture, maybe sign up for a cooking course? Or maybe take a visit to the Old Town, or go to any of the museums that the city has to offer.

Berlin, here there are a lot of attractions worth visiting. The Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial are three of many places to visit once in Berlin. There is also plenty of shopping and nightlife accessible here.

Travel Plan

Down below you will find our greatest tips on how to divide your journey, to get it as comfortable as possible, with few changes and good changeover times.  If you are searching for this journey yourself, the website can produce another alternative that it considers to be the best. If this happens we’ll recommend you to divide the trip. For example: Stockholm – Copenhagen in one search,
then Copenhagen – Hamburg in the next insted of Stockholm – Hamburg at once. We will without a doubt, through our customer service, help you to book this trip if neccesary.
The prices below is only for seatreservations, the cost for the Interrail pass will apply. 

Day 1 - Stockholm - Copenhagen
08:25 Stockholm C
5h 7m
13:32 Copenhagen H
First Class 143 SEK
Second Class 62 SEK
Travel time 5 hours 7 minutes
Changes 0
Day 2 - Copenhagen- Amsterdam
07:35 Copenhagen H
4h 41m
12:16 Hamburg Hbf
13:46 Hamburg Hbf
1h 49m
15:35 Osnabrueck Hbf
15:53 Osnabrueck Hbf
3h 7m
19:00 Amsterdam CS
First Class 195 SEK
Second Class 195 SEK
Travel time 11 hours 25 minutes
Changes 2
Day 3 -Amsterdam - Paris
09:15 Amsterdam CS
3h 20m
12:35 Paris Nord
First Class 426 SEK
Second Class 372 SEK
Travel time 1 hour 20 minutes
Changes 0
Day 4 - Paris - Nice
09:07 Paris Garde de Lyon
5h 59m
15:06 Nice Ville
First Class 208 SEK
Second Class 208 SEK
Travel time 5 hours 59 minutes
Changes 0
Day 5 - Nice - Rome
09:38 Nice Ville
10:34 Ventemiglia
11:03 Ventemiglia
3h 50m
14:53 Milan
15:30 Milan
3h 26m
18:36 Rome
First Class 340 SEK
Second Class 340 SEK
Travel time 8 hours 58 minutes
Changes 2
Day 6 - Rome - Florence
09:15 Rome
1h 21m
10:36 Florence

Save & Exit

First Class 208 SEK
Second Class 208 SEK
Travel time 1 hour 21 minutes
Changes 0
Day 7 - Florence - Vienna
07:15 Florence
1h 53m  
09:08 Venice
10:07 Venice
7h 28m  
17:35 Vienna
First Class 620 SEK
Second Class 405 SEK
Travel time 10 hours 20 minutes
Changes 1
Day 8 - Vienna- Split
11:40 Vienna
2h 22m
14:02 Budapest
15:42 Budapest
3h 20m
21:05 Zagreb
22:56 Zagreb
3h 20m
06:45 Split
First Class 665 SEK
Second Class 338 SEK
Travel time 19 hours 5 mintes
Changes 2
Day 9 - Split - Budapest
18:28 Split
14h 41m
09:09 Budapest
First Class 941 SEK
Second Class 246 SEK
Travel time 14 hours 41 minutes
Changes 0
Day 10 - Budapest - Bratislava
11:40 Budapest
2h 23m
14:03 Bratislava
First Class 65 SEK
Second Class 65 SEK
Travel time 2 hours 23 minutes
Changes 0
Day 11 - Bratislava - Prague
10:10 Bratislava
3h 57m
14:07 Prague
First Class 65 SEK
Second Class 65 SEK
Travel time 3 hours 57 minutes
Changes 0
Day 12 - Prague - Krakow
10:24 Prague
5h 30m
15:54 Katowice
16:35 Katowice
1h 47m
18:22 Krakow
First Class 65 SEK
Second Class 65 SEK
Travel time 7 hours 58 minutes
Changes 1
Day 13 - Krakow - Warszaw
08:55 Krakow
2h 20m
11:15 Warszaw
First Class 142 SEK
Second Class 142 SEK
Travel time 2 hours 20 minutes
Changes 0
Day 14 - Warsaw - Berlin
09:40 Warszaw
5h 36m
15:16 Berlin
First Class 65 SEK
Second Class 65 SEK
Travel time 5 hours 36 minutes
Changes 0
Day 15 - Berlin - Stockholm
06:38 Berlin
1h 46m
08:24 Hamburg Hbf
09:28 Hamburg Hbf
4h 58m
14:26 Copenhagen H
16:23 Copenhagen H
5h 13m
21:36 Stockholm
First Class 273 SEK
Second Class 192 SEK
Travel time 14 hours 58 minutes
Changes 2

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