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Monicas Interrail Trip


My name is Monica and I will share about my interrailing that I did this summer.

((Gdansk – Krakow – Budapest – Ljubljana – Prague – Copenhagen)

In the past, we have not stayed in the cities for so long, but quickly made our way down to Croatia and spent most of the trip there. Now we chose to only visit cities and stay a little longer in them. The train loop this year was more like a spontaneous / last minute trip when we decided 1 week before. We quickly had to decide where to stay on the road, the route we did changed a few times before we decided completely. There were 6 cities in 3 weeks.

We received the interrail pass and the seat reservations quickly from Although we got the tickets quickly, you never know with the post so I would recommend that you are out in good time anyway. We used the rail planner app to plan our route there, you can also see what benefits you have with the interrail pass in different countries. Like on accommodation, boat and bus trips. All our accommodations we have booked via airbnb which has also worked super well with smooth check-in / check-out. In the past, when we have traveled, we have chosen accommodation near the train station but this year we chose to stay a little more in town, so we had close homes in the evenings and just because we stayed a little longer in some cities.

The journey started by ferry over to Gdansk from Nynäshamn, if you travel with an interrail pass you can get a 20% discount on the ticket price depending on where you are going from. Worth checking out before booking the ferry. It is a boat trip of 18h hours. You have to book pretty early to be able to get a cabin. Since we were out so late, we had to book chairs on the boat but it also works cheaper. Keep in mind that it gets cold inside the boat in the evening so get dressed in something warm or have something you can pull over. I brought my towel like a blanket, earplugs and sleeping mask is also good to bring.

Name: Monica
Age: 33
Instagram: m.appelgren

Have been living in Stockholm for 10 years but I am from Borlänge in Dalarna. Love to travel by train and this is our 3rd time but definitely not the last! My interests in addition to interrailing and discovering new places are snowboarding and recently also started with MTB.


If you take the boat over to Gdansk, make sure you have Polish cash. Because there is no ATM at the ferry terminal and no kiosk selling bus tickets without you buying the ticket in cash on the bus. We made that mistake, so it was just to head into town / accommodation 11km with a backpack of 14kg. Even though it was a bit difficult at the time, I can look back on it as a fun memory.

We were in Gdansk for 2 nights. We were mostly around the old town. It was incredibly good food and cheap too. Nice people, cozy town with nice buildings.



After Gdansk we took the train to Krakow. Gdansk train station is not so big so you will find your way around pretty fast and it is not far to walk between the platforms.

In Krakow we stayed 5 nights. Krakow is bigger than Gdansk, here they also have delicious and cheap food. We found our favorite place called Farma and there they only serve vegan food. 

We visited the old Jewish quarter Kazimierzi in Krakow. It was a Jewish area until the Second World War. There you can fins cozy streets with cafes, restaurants and bars. You will also see fine graphite paintings if you visit this area.

We also visited the Wawel castel one day.

Below the castle at the canal you can ride a boat and the castle should probably be the best to see from the canal told our airbnb host. But we contented ourselves with walking around the castle.

In Krakow we also found the cheapest wine and beer on the whole trip SEK 12 for a beer and SEK 17 for a glass of wine


Then we took the train to Budapest. The train journey was very warm and cramped. It took 9 hours before we got off at one of the Budapest train stations and found our accommodation that we would have for two nights.

During our short stay in Budapest, we had a visit to Széchenyi thermal baths. Europe’s largest from 1913 with several different pools both inside and outside that have different temperatures. The price for going into the bath with cabinets costs SEK 200 on weekdays slightly more expensive on the weekend. You can also buy food and drink in there.
The bath is open from 6:00 to 22:00

Széchenyi thermal bath, the weather changed from heavy rain and thunder to brilliant sun.

In the evening we ate at a place called Karavan which is in a courtyard with lots of food trucks. Really a cozy place but a lot of people between 18:00 and 20:00 so it can be difficult to find a seat then but you come a little later it is calmer.

After Karavan we went to the famous ruin bar Szimpla Kert which is on the same street.

A ruin bar is plenty of bars inside an old residential building with a courtyard and on two floors. Something you have to experience to see how special it is. You can also eat here. The age of the people here is mixed, from young to old. 🙂



The journey to Ljubljana from Budapest took 8 hours. The city is not very big so it was easy to find the accommodation and get around. In Ljubljana we visited the castle which gave us an amazing view of the city, especially at sunset. You can choose to take a ride up for a fee or you can walk up for free. Slovenia also produces some wine so be sure to try some wine while you are here.

One day we took the bus 1 hour away to Bled Lake.

Bled is a small town outside Ljubljana. Buses leave from the trainstation and leave every hour in the high season. You can swim from certain places around the lake if you wish. You can also rent a SUP or a rowing boat by the lake.

If you go by bus, then have a little margin when you go home so you do not take the last bus. The buses get full quickly.


This is the third time we are in Prague. In my opinion, you can’t get tired of Prague. Such an incredibly beautiful city.

Here we walked around most of the time but stopped sometimes and took a cheap beer at an outdoor restaurant before heading on. There are also take away beers for cheap money. We walked over the Charles Bridge up to the wall at the castle and looked at the view of the city at sunset with a different take away beer 🙂

We were also at Lennon Wall which is also on the other side of the bridge. It is a wall of graphite paintings and texts and quotes from John Lennon and the Beatles. The paintings change all the time, it didn’t look at all the same as it did the last time we were there in 2014.

Of course, we also had to test the monk glass todli which you can get in different variants. We took soft ice cream with nutella. Very good but incredibly big.



In Copenhagen, we were a full day mostly because it is expensive, and we want to keep a low budget.
The town is nice with cobbled streets and older buildings.

We visited a park that looks like a star on the map and is located near the “the little mermaid” where we then had a small picnic to avoid eating out as it costs some, also because it is much nicer with picnic we think.

Here you should definitely rent a bike to get around good bike paths and there is a nice climate among cyclists. But it will be the next time we visit Copenhagen.

Where will you go next?

Find your new favourite place.


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