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Henceforth Train Planet AB (VAT no SE556614310201) is referred to as ”we” or ”us”; the physical or legal person that is using any of the services that we provide is referred to as ”you”; any third party that produce and/or perform the services that we provide is referred to as ”producer”. All documents, digital or physical, that entitle you to one or more services are referred to as ”products”; the fulfillment of products, digital or physical, from us or a relevant producer is referred to as ”distribution”.


About these terms

These terms and conditions are valid as 2021-05-31 and constitute a legally binding agreement between you and us. Whenever you use any of the services that we provide, including our websites, you agree to these terms in full. These terms are available in multiple language versions and in the unlikely event that differences arise between such versions, the Swedish language version has precedence.



Bookings are considered started when we have received the order, and completed after they have been distributed by us. For orders that require manual handling, including but not limited to products that are distributed via post, an additional handling time of 2-5 work days is required. In connection with your order, regardless of product and channel, you will receive an order summary. After the booking has been completed, the responsibility for any errors in the order is transferred from us to you. You are therefore required to carefully review the summary prior to placing the order, and to notify us about any inaccuracies in the order as soon as possible should they arise. Once the summary has been reviewed and accepted, the booking is binding.



In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you payment options which are made directly to Klarna.

Further information and Klarnas user terms you can find here. General information on Klarna you can find here.

Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarnas Klarna’s privacy notice.

The price of many of our products are variable and you are therefore only guaranteed the prices offered at the time you complete your order. The price is always inclusive of booking fees and taxes when applicable.



Means of distribution and delivery time varies depending on the respective product, channel and market. Digital products are distributed immediately after booking is successfully completed, or the day before departure date, depending on what we consider is most beneficial for you. When digital products are distributed, they are considered successfully delivered to you, unless you notify us in a timely manner so that we have a possibility to attempt another delivery.

Physical products are shipped after successfully completed booking. Once the physical products have been delivered to you or to a drop-off point for you to collect them, they are considered successfully delivered.

Please note that products are documents of value, and as such they must be collected by the buyer in person, and you must be able to present legally valid photo ID. Shipping fees are charged in accordance with our price list at the time of order. If you neglect to collect, receive, or otherwise obstruct or prevent successful delivery, we will charge a return fee of 15 EUR for each parcel. If we need to attempt a second delivery, you will be charged an additional shipping fee. If the products can’t be re-delivered, we will automatically cancel them and refund as much as possible.


Producer’s terms and conditions

Our products are covered, when applicable, by the terms and conditions of the relevant producer(s). As such, it is your responsibility to take part of, read, and accept the terms and conditions of the relevant producer(s) prior to ordering any services that the relevant Producer will perform.


Documents of value

Physical products are documents of value, and you are responsible to store and handle them as such. If any products are lost, stolen, destroyed, altered or otherwise rendered invalid you will not be refunded or compensated.


Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal is not applicable for products that are specified to a time or a place. For any and all other products you are entitled to right of withdrawal for 14 days, which is counted from the day that the product has been successfully delivered. To claim your right of withdrawal, you need to notify us within the aforementioned 14 days. In the event that the products has been partially or fully used, or otherwise reduced in value, we will adjust the refundable amount accordingly.


Traveller’s documentation

You are solely responsible to gather information about, and to produce, any and all documents that are required to conduct your travel. This includes valid photo identification, passport, visa and/or similar documents.


Rebooking, cancellation and repurchase

Rebooking, cancellation and repurchase is conducted in accordance with the producers terms and conditions. Any travel must be cancelled no later than the day before departure and all physical products, when applicable, must be returned to us within a month from that date. You are responsible for any costs associated with returning the products and responsible for them until they have been successfully returned to us. In the event of rebooking, cancellation or repurchase, booking fess are not refunded. Shipping fees are only refunded if right of withdrawal applies. Refunds are completed as fast as possible. If you buy a trip that has been defined as rebookable at the time of booking, it is possible to make a rebooking according to operators’ sales rules.


Cancellation protection

Cancellation protection is an optional add-on that is offered for some products in select channels and markets. Cancellation protection entitles you to a full refund if your travel is hindered by illness or death, including close family, even if they are not travelers. To use the cancellation protection, the travel must be cancelled no later than the day before departure, and all relevant products must be returned to us within one month, together with supporting documents from a professional or relevant authority.



We can not in any way affect, and are therefore not responsible for, delays, cancelled transportation, or other lapses in quality that may affect your travel. You can however always file a claim with the relevant producer if your travel has suffered from any of the above. You need to be able to produce supporting documents, including but not limited to receipts for any unexpected costs. If we are to assist you with your claim, we must receive your supporting documents together with the relevant tickets within one month from departure date.


Fraud policy

We reserve the right to unilaterally and without advance information cancel your bookings in the event that we have strong reason to believe that the booking is fraudulent. Any and all frauds, successful or attempted, will be reported to the police and any and you will be charged all costs that the fraud incurs.


Statutory and required information

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer to enable us to deliver and improve the services on our website. Whenever you use one of our websites you consent to our use of cookies. If you do not consent to us storing cookies on your computer, you may disable cookies in your browser, but in that event, we can’t guarantee that we can provide all functionality in our online services.

In the event of a dispute, we do an individual assessment from case to case. We do not commit to follow decisions from Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (ARN). You are entitled to request alternative dispute resolution through the European Unions ODR-platform on the website: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. Both parties must bilaterally agree to use ODR in order to solve the dispute through the ODR-platform.