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Zermatt – St. Moritz, Switzerland

For those of you who love everything from high snow-clad mountains to flourishing valleys, the Glacier Express is a must. The journey, which is an UNESCO world heritage, takes you from the popular towns of Zermatt and St. Moritz, and is an eight hours long train ride through the most stunning scenery that the Alps has to offer. Passing through 91 tunnels and over 291 bridges. The journey will take you through the Oberalp Pass at a height of 2044 metres presenting the most spectacular view. Along the journey you can enjoy tasty food and beverages at the same time as you’re watching the Alps pass by through the big panoramic windows.

Flåm – Myrdal, Norway

Discover the world’s most dramatic scenery with beautiful fjords, green valleys and high mountains in our neighbour country in the west. Here you can travel by train on Flåmsbanan which will take you through the amazing landscape and stunning views. This part of the railway takes you from Myrdal to Flåm and is one of the railways in the world with the highest drop. During the train ride you will be able to see the Aurlandsfjord such as the Sognefjord and the train will also make a stop along the way making it possible for the passengers to take photos and enjoy the setting. Train lovers usually call this train journey the most beautiful in the world.

Cologne–Mainz, Germany

Through lush landscapes and picturesque villages, the MittelrheinBahn follows the Rhine from Cologne in the North to Mainz in the South. This railway is daily operated by both long-distance trains and regional trains. If you choose a regional train it will make stops in most of the villages the train passes, making it able to jump off the train to stretch your legs or visit one of the many wine yards along the Rhine. The most remarkable part of the journey is between Koblenz and Bingen where the train passes through the Rhine Valley which offers the most amazing scenery in Germany. This is the perfect route for your journey down through Europe and it will be an experience late to forget. 

Davos–Tirano, Switzerland & Italy

From the well-known ski resort of Davos and the beautiful city of Chur you can travel with the famous Bernina Express train down to Tirano in Italy. The journey offers spectacular views while the train works its way over steep hills and narrow valleys across the Alps. There is no chance of getting bored as the train constantly crosses bridges, passes and other amazing sights along the way that you just do not want to miss! During the journey you will both pass the renowned Brusio and Landwesser viaducts, but also travel through the Albula- and Bernina Pass which lies 2200 metres above sea level. Something that needs to be on your bucket list.

Vienna – Venice, Italy & Austria

If you are travelling down to Italy, you absolutely can’t miss the spectacular train ride between Vienna and Venice with ÖBB’s Railjet. The most exciting part of this trip is going to start in Wiener Neustadt where the world heritage classed Semmering Railway starts and takes you away on the most unforgettable train ride through green fields and high mountain peaks. The Semmering Railway which is one of the world’s first mountain railways, will take you 40 kilometres south to Mürzzuschlag, Up and down passing through the serpentine tracks of the Alps. Here you can enjoy the fantastic view that thousands of people come here to watch, also you can’t miss the restaurant wagonon the train where they serve both ravioli and wienerschnitzel.

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