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Norway – Trolltungan

Outside the small community of Odda lies the Troll’s tongue or pulpit as it’s also called and it might just be one of Norway’s most photographed places. Tourists hike here daily to take the classic selfie out on the cliff ledge with Ringedals water in the background. You can travel here by taking the train to Voss and then continue by bus to Odda. Where you start the 23-27 kilometre long hike up to The Troll’s tongu.


Santorini – Greece

Most people have seen the classic image of the white houses with its blue doors and ceiling from the Greek island of Santorini. Most of the pictures that circulate around social media is from the village of Oia. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets as you walk along the narrow streets of the village. To get to Oia you can travel by boat from either Piraeus, Thessaloniki or Crete.

Eltz Castle – Germany

In Burg Eltz you can find the 850-year-old Knight’s castle, Eltz Castle. With its unique location at the top of a 70-metre high cliff, this castle offers a fantastic view of the beautiful nature that surrounds it. To get to Eltz Castle you can take the train to Hatzenport or Treis-Karden and then take the Burgen bus up to the castle parking lot.

Krka Waterfalls – Croatia

With its 142 square metres of lush green scenery and incredible waterfalls, Krka National Park is a must see when visiting Croatia. Here you can walk along one of its hiking trails and round it off with a dip in its coral green waters. You can easily get to Krka National Park by bus from Skradin. Buses from Zagreb, Zadar, Rijeka, Split, Makarska and Dubrovnik run to Skradin daily.

Cappadocia – Turkey

The underground cities in Göreme National Park is a popular destination for many backpackers. Here you can either discover the unique city from above in a hot air balloon or you can walk through the cities by foot and take a closer look at its special architecture. To get to Göreme National Park you must first take the train to Göreme and from there take a bus or cab the last distance.

Hallstatt – Austria

The Austrian jewel, Hallstatt. With its incredibly charming houses located along the Salt Lake and fantastic views, Hallstatt is a must when traveling in Austria. You can get here by either train, boat or bus. Just remember to bring some pocket money, as it might be necessary if you want to travel by boat.

Lake Bled – Slovenia

In the middle of Slovenia’s rolling hills lies Lake Bled. This city has recently become a very popular destination among tourists. One of the reasons for its popularity is that a lot of the tourists want to photograph the iconic church that is built on an island in the middle of the Lake. There are buses traveling from Ljubljana to Lake Bled every hour. But you can also get there by bus from cities such as Berlin, Munich, Pula and Zürich.

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