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Packing Tips for Interrail Travellers


The gasket is something that differs very much from person to person, but one tip that can apply to everyone is that when you go interrailing you will have to carr around the bag yourself, so choose a comfortable backpack and do not pack too heavily.
If you are a person who usually overpack, start by presenting everything you want with you, then you remove about 30-50% of it. 
Bring a travel wallet, where you can store your most important things such as, passports, tickets and Interrail Passes. 
Packing cubes are your best friend when you are traveling, especially if you are going between many different places and you constantly have to unpack and pack, they help you keep track of your stuff.
Do not wait to book your hostels or hotels, prices will rise and it will be harder to find good places to stay, so book in time!

We have put together a packing list here that you can use to get some inspiration for what to pack if you are unsure about it


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