About Train Planet

For almost seven years, we have been superior in the Swedish train travel market, domestically and abroad. We are constantly striving for better and more novel ways to deliver our services to the customer. In 2015 we took a giant leap to push the industry forward by introducing our own booking service, Tågbokningen.se. It quickly became a prominent one-stop shop for both domestic travel and booking magnificent trips abroad in Europe.

Travelers can easily book domestic trips from all Swedish train operators on the website. In addition to booking through the website, Tågbokningen.se also offers a more personal touch where you can get in direct contact with one of our competent travel consultants and receive personalized service, either by phone or email.

Our consultants have more than 30 years of experience between them in the rail industry. With both seasoned experience and practical know-how, we continuously seek to help turn our customers' desired dream journeys into long-lasting memories - hassle-free, with the highest level of execution.

In 2016 we took another meaningful step toward helping evolve the rail industry with the launch of Interrail.se - A booking service aiming to facilitate the purchase of Interrail Passes directly on the web. It became Sweden's first ever service to allow travelers to seamlessly order Interrail Passes online. In only one year of operating, Interrail.se quickly became the industry leader for Interrail in Sweden, with both sales and market demand steadily growing ever since.

Train Planet is continually undergoing new improvements to strengthen its brand and position with the goal of gathering all products and services under one umbrella - offering travelers the simplest and most effective way to travel domestically or internationally by train. Our ambitions have not changed either - to continue offering travelers the simplest and most efficient way to travel domestically and internationally by train. This includes supporting customers and travelers with the information and inspiration they feel that they need.


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