Japan Rail Pass

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If you are planning to travel around Japan by train, you should consider buying the Japan Rail Pass (also known as JR Pass). This is a multi-use ticket that offers incredible value for money and convenience, just like Interrail/Eurail passes for Europe.

You can use it on all major JR national trains, including the fast and comfortable Shinkansen bullet trains and the Narita Express trains that connect the airport with Tokyo, as well as buses and ferries. Also, you can choose between a Standard Pass or a Green Pass (first class), and a validity period of 7, 14, or 21 days. To get your JR Pass, you need to order it online before you travel to Japan. You will receive an Exchange Order that you can swap for the actual JR Pass at any of the JR Exchange Offices in Japan.

With your JR Pass, you can explore Japan's diverse regions and attractions, from the modern cities of Tokyo and Osaka to the ancient temples of Kyoto and Nara, from the majestic Mount Fuji to the scenic islands of Miyajima and Hokkaido. The JR Pass is the best way to discover Japan by train.