In a car, bus or airplane space is often very limited. On the train you sit comfortably and can take a walk and stretch your legs if you want.If you feel like having a snack or a drink, you can just walk over to the bistro and get a cup of coffee, snacks, or something more filling.


If you’re lucky, you can see something through the tiny window during take-off and landing on an airplane. When traveling by boat, you mostly see water. However, on a train, you have panoramic views with varying landscapes dancing across the window.

Sustainable & Responsible

Despite the fact that trains have been around for over 150 years, there is still no better and more environmentally friendly mode of transport on land. Anyone traveling by train takes responsibility for a more sustainable future.

Travel through Europe by train!

Travel the furthest with the train, guilt-free! Assume you’re in the beautiful city of Budapest. If you were to travel by air, you’d only make it to Leipzig, Germany, on the same amount of carbon emissions that could take you to Darwin, Australia, by train.

How Your Mode of Transport Affects The Climate

The measurement for carbon emission is calculated on The model was constructed by researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology.

Stockholm To Aten
Train (172kg)
Airplane (866kg)
Kiruna To Lisabon
Train (334kg)
Airplane (1268kg)
Gothenburg To Rom
Train (204kg)
Airplane (574kg)